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 Sliscus and splintercannon for CWE DE allies

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PostSubject: Sliscus and splintercannon for CWE DE allies   Tue Aug 13 2013, 13:55

So, I am asking is it worth it on having a CWE list, with DE allies, where the mandatory HQ is the Duke, and the troop choice would be a squad of 10 warriors with splinter cannon. I cant get a raider this way, but the duke will upgrade 6 or 4 shots to poison (+3) instead of the ordinary 2 or 1 of rifle.

The unit would be pretty static, and well, Sliscus probably wouldn't stay there too long.

Havent decided on what all will the main Craftworld list contain, yet.

What use would it have, and how much should I move it around? I was just thinking of camping it mid-field after advancing them a few turns (the cannon could still fire).
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PostSubject: Re: Sliscus and splintercannon for CWE DE allies   Tue Aug 13 2013, 16:29

I personally don't think the duke adds enough to make him worth taking if all you have is a squad of warriors with a cannon. You'll be out of range for most of your guns, so really you'd only have the cannon to be shooting with. And the 3+ poison rather than 4+ sounds better than it really tends to be in practice.

The thing with the duke is maximizing the use of his special rules. Otherwise he's not worth his points.

Take the baron instead, put those warriors in a raider. Join the baron with your eldar jetbikes.
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Sliscus and splintercannon for CWE DE allies
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