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 A new type of weapon for the dark eldar?

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PostSubject: Re: A new type of weapon for the dark eldar?   Thu Aug 08 2013, 09:44

@Mushkilla wrote:
But we already have liquifier guns (one of the best template weapons in the game)! Very Happy

Hah, true!
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PostSubject: Re: A new type of weapon for the dark eldar?   Thu Aug 08 2013, 10:34

What I like about the spurs idea is that it would give us two grades of Wych Troops: if the whole Wych squad could take spurs, maybe 2 points a model, it would make them slightly cheaper and slightly worse than Bloodbrides (lower LD if the Hek dies, and fewer specials), but without using up an Elite slot.

One of the things I miss from the Previous Tyranid codex was the ability to customize Troops to be different strengths. Imperial Guard can have Conscripts, Regulars or Veterans, most other codecii have to choose between troops for different jobs.
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PostSubject: Re: A new type of weapon for the dark eldar?   Thu Aug 08 2013, 21:22

Hmmm I pondered the spurs for Wyches mostly because of the fluff Lilith has in her write up. Say Wyches get spurs (named foot spurs in this case) for two or three points per model. Never mind I got some new ideas.

Wych Opition
Str User
AP -
Close Combat
+1 Attack

Spurs replace the close combat weapon for Wyches, Hekatrixes. Bloodbrides, Syrens, and Succies.
Bloodbrides and Syrens may purchase, for five points, to poison the spurs [5+]. Succies may choose to buy a special maneuver named "Pirouette" for ten points. Pirouette increases the poison to [4+] and on a roll of 6 causes a bleeding effect (which I don't know if there is one in 40K as my rulebook is not with me).

Scourges Variant
Str User
Ap -
+1 Attack
Close Combat

For five points Scourge get something to aid them incase they get into close combat. On a natural 6 a Scourge does a rake attack which blinds the opposing model for a turn. Halving their range of weapons and reducing their WS to 1.

To convoluted?
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PostSubject: Re: A new type of weapon for the dark eldar?   Tue Aug 13 2013, 01:08

@Mushkilla wrote:
@Eldritchwarmaster84 wrote:
Remember our technology ( well most of it) is based around Eldar tech.
This is actually incorrect, most Eldar technology is based around wraithbone and growing weapons armour and craft (through bone singing).

Dark Eldar cone up with a design and then get their slaves to tirelessly make copies until they meet an acceptable standard. Dark Eldar take a far more artisan-style approach. Which contrasts considerably to the biological approach of their Eldar cousins.
Hmm, kinda yeah. I play both armies but I prefer my Dark Eldar over Eldar. The reasons for this is simply weapons tech!

We are the more martial of our the two races; since our psychic capability have atrophied and the only thing we got going for us is our martial prowess.

In terms of weapons tech, we share a lot of the same similarities: Lances and plasma (dark lances vs. bright lances, suncannons vs. distintegrators).

What really stands out from Eldar is: Shuriken weaponry, monofilament, and D-weapons. What stands out for us is: poison technology, weird diabolic crap like Huskblades, Agonizers and Electrowhips, and even weirder crap like everything the Haemonculi ever came out with. I would say we're also necrotech vs. the Eldar's wraithbone tech.

That really does make us more... Dark in that respect Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: A new type of weapon for the dark eldar?   

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A new type of weapon for the dark eldar?
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