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 Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    Tue Jul 23 2013, 04:32

Ive come to the question, who's better at killing. Volume melee or Strong AP2 attacks? While brides are a little less expensive incubi are the heavy infantry killers. But the question is what happens if the person im facing brings hordes of models, AP2 attacks or volume melee? Just a simply tactic i want to better understand. Please comment:)
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PostSubject: Re: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    Tue Jul 23 2013, 05:05

It all depends on what you're fighting and what you're trying to accomplish.
Here's a few basic numbers;

3 Incubi roughly = 5 Bloodbrides cost wise - on charge

vs. Orks
Incubi will kill - 3
Bloodbrides will kill - 2.7

vs. IG
Incubi will kill - 4
Bloodbrides will kill - 4.44

vs. Daemons
Incubi will kill - 2
Bloodbrides will kill - 3.33

All Bloodbride numbers get a bit better pretty much across the board due to drugs 66% of the time, but I don't feel like crunching all of those numbers for you.

That said - it's easy to see that a similar point value of Bloodbrides versusIncubi equates to roughly equivalent killing potential. The Bloodbrides *will* outperform them versus a T3 5++ unit...but, that's about the definition of a unit for Bloodbrides to outperform Incubi on. Incubi do as well versus about all other horde types, and do significantly better versus MEQ.

Hope that helps.


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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    Mon Jul 29 2013, 23:47

Well, I prefer shooting armies, but if I wanted an assault unit I'd use Incubi. The thing for me is that they bring good WS, a decent number of attacks, an actual armour save and S4, AP2 weapons in combat.

Conversely, Bloodbrides just don't seem that good. They get an extra special weapon (meh), and an extra attack, but this is undermined by them being S3, and WS4. They still feel like a tarpit unit, instead of a damaging unit and, that being the case, I'd rather just use normal wyches - which are both cheaper and scoring. I guess they get a little better with drugs, but so do troop-wyches, and I'd take cheaper, scoring units any day.

Basically, I just don't see bloodbrides accomplishing much that couldn't also be done with either wyches or simply with shooting. On the other hand, since our AP2 weapons are often busy with vehicles, Incubi can bring a decent amount of anti-infantry AP2 weapons to the table.
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PostSubject: Re: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    Tue Jul 30 2013, 12:40

As Shredder says, blood brides arent enough better than wyches for normal play.
Whereas Incubi have no counterpart.

Blood Bridess are awesome for list tailoring however.
Theres nothing better than running a load of shard nets and bagging a dreadknight or a greater deamon or some such.
Even even just a load of hydras if you facing a few conscript/comissar mobs.

The Cult of the bloody disaster
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Lord of the Chat

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PostSubject: Re: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    Tue Jul 30 2013, 14:19

I have a Kabalite army that tends to bring a lot of Splinter Fire, but I always throw in Incubi to help either draw fire away from my Kabalites or to shred through anything that proves a bit more of a challenge.

I've tried Bloodbrides in a couple of different builds, but even in a Wych list I've found Incubi to do better. If you have Wych Squads to charge in and soak up overwatch then have five Incubi march in to support them the enemy unit will die.
This tactic doesn't work so well with Bloodbrides. I find Bloodbrides to be better for using all of their special weapons to limit the number of attacks big Monsterous Creatures can deliver.


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Rancid blade
Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    Tue Jul 30 2013, 15:48

The thing that gives incubi an edge is their durability outside of combat. A crashed raider will kill most of the girls, but not bother the incubi. FNP Incubi don't really care too much about overwatch fire... FNP bloodbrides do. Blood brides are great in combat, especially with the extra weapons, but they'll loose so many girls before getting to combat that it's tough to see how a bloodbride assault works.
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PostSubject: Re: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    Sun Aug 04 2013, 12:46

Oh if only for the old wych weapon rules... Halve your WS, take away one attack on all your models, thanks. Gotta pay through the nose for these diluted abilities now!! I have yet to find a use for bloodbrides over regular wyches. However, if my troops were maxed and I had a free elite slot with 50 points spare, they'd get a run. Incubi and grots win the elite slot expenditure for me.

Kia Kaha, Dark Eldar players!
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PostSubject: Re: Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.    

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Hekatrix Bloodbrides Vs Incubi.
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