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 Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear

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Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear Empty
PostSubject: Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear   Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 17 2013, 19:37

Why can't we have a vehicle upgrade to give skyfire?

"For Raiders and ?Venoms? Skyseeker Racks 20pts- Before shooting, occupants of a vehicle with Skyseeker Racks may opt to use the skyfire rule.

"For Raiders and Ravagers Skyseeker Rounds 20pts- Before shooting, a vehicle with Skyseeker Ammunition may opt to use the skyfire rule.

Fluff: [These are tracers.] Skyseeker racks offer specially modified ammunition pods for infantry weapons, loaded with luminous energies. Darklight weapons firing skyseeker rounds actually fire multiple projectiles, the bolt of darklight traveling just behind a salvo of brightly burning but relatively harmless projectiles.

Arguments for: The Tau get "Velocity Trackers" as a support system at 20pts, granting Skyfire to the upgraded model. Their guns are way bigger than ours. Their guns can reach way further than ours. They can already use markerlights to boost the BS of anti-air snapshots.

Our only units capable of >BS1 against fliers are fortifications, allies, and our own fliers (I guess many armies are in the same boat?)

Also, heldrakes.

Arguments againsts:
Blasterborn + 20pts = poppin' all your fliers.
Ravager + 20pts = poppin all your fliers from backfield.
One haywire grenade + 20pts = lolwhut?
Massed splinter weapons are already good at taking down flying MCs.
Heldrakes become not broken.
The Tau should have all those unfair advantages.


What do y'all think?
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Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear   Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 18 2013, 04:01

Well to be honest most armies have to pay at least 10 points per clack missile in addition to paying fro the launchers so I think the options are probably to cheap but nice idea
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Anti-air: Skyfire vehicle wargear
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