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 so..... SoB background.... here is a very very Very Very VERY VERY rough draft :P

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PostSubject: so..... SoB background.... here is a very very Very Very VERY VERY rough draft :P   Tue Jul 02 2013, 08:27

Order Militant

Traces back to the Order of the Valorous Heart

Created to defend the frozen planets of Frozial (I – VIII) , later thought to have been overran by a recent Tyranid invasion and left for dead along with the planets.

After being abandoned they begin to lose their faith in the Adepta Sororitas and begin to put all of their faith in the Emporer, as all of their ships were destroyed and the bulk of them have been left alive upon Frozial IV, and they now must defend themselves on it until they can drive back the Tyranid horde and get contact back to the Imperium for rescue.

They believe that the emporer will protect them in this battle rely on him through battles.

The founder of the Order, the Living Saint Alayna, who is helping her order drive back the Tyranids and getting them all to safety. She is the one leading the battle against the tyranids, and the one who is looked to for guidance.

The planets of Frozial are the home worlds of the Order and where the order stands strong and protects from the imperium

The Order is organized in The Following Form
Alayna, The Living Saint

Seraphim Superior Celestian Superior

Seraphim Sister Superior Celestian

Battle Sister Retributers

Repentia Dominions

They Engage the Enemy in Stealth and Ranged Combat, usually Heavy Armoured, but many of their vehicles have been destroyed and they are out numbered, so they rely upon the emporer to guide and stealth them.

All the sisters have a personal charm that shows their personal belief in the emporer and the Living Saint, usually it is a cross hidden within their armour to keep it safe, occasionally during hard times they will reach in to their armour and pull it out to hold in their hands and pray.

The Order has gotten small from the invasion and has about 2,500 sisters left.

The Order has given up on trusting anybody but themselves and the Emporer.

The enemies of the Order are the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Articas, who have destroyed most of the order and taken almost destroyed their home planets.
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so..... SoB background.... here is a very very Very Very VERY VERY rough draft :P
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