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 Industrial zone board WIP - (not)Airbrushed junk!

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PostSubject: Industrial zone board WIP - (not)Airbrushed junk!   Mon Jun 27 2011, 14:21


I've said that I'm building some industrial themed terrain, so here are couple of pip shots (I'll assemble base shapes, paint, then assemble whole thing)

Pipes (each piece is 15 cm long [little less than 6"] I have about 39 pieces of either 14mm or 22mm) I plan to paint some in "CAUTION" pattern, some in metal (silver or brass)

This is so called "preshading". Spray paint layer is transpatent, so tone vary depend on background.

All "tanks" are made from standard 0,5 liters beer cans. I had 8 from last summer, also I have 6 "fresh" + 2 will come today (I need to hand one [ready] project and officialy I have three month "summer"). They are 17 cm high.

Yellow and preshading photo(note that brown gave "warm" shadow on yellow while black gave "cold" greenish tone)

And old paintjob (made with brush)

I have 4 of those special cans, they have additional beveled thingies (I'll post better picure when I would paint them). In addition, I'm forced to cover "LECH" beveled logo with... something. Like... exhaust pipes?
I plan to paint remaining 4 Red and 4 Blue/Green/Cyan.

This is heat tower, also with preshading + yellow base coat.

It's huge. Hex base is up to 17 cm wide, whole thing is 25 cm high. Yep, proper "central" LoS blocker. Need to work over it tho... maybe some catwalks?

Actually those things can be done with spray cans (with exception to brown, which was intentionally "screwed up" with airbrush, you can do that too with spray can, just apply cbrown, then make white "dots"), not airbrush.
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PostSubject: Re: Industrial zone board WIP - (not)Airbrushed junk!   Tue Jun 28 2011, 07:26

Yep, there's a local guy in my club that just spray-cans everything olive green and voila, 'umie terrain.

These look good so far Local_Ork, especially those heat towers. I really, really like those!

Keep us updated. Cheers!
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Industrial zone board WIP - (not)Airbrushed junk!
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