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 Question about Battleforce

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Raven The Silent
Raven The Silent

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PostSubject: Question about Battleforce   Sat Jun 08 2013, 09:05

Hi all,

I am about to purchase a Dark Eldar Battleforce and I have found them both on Ebay for about the same price. I am leaning towards the old one but am unsure of how the models in them do, although I do enjoy having 5 bikes instead of 3. I was curious as to which of the battleforces you would purchase?

Old set:
20 Warriors
5 Reaver Jetbikes
1 Raider
1 Set of Plastic Trees

New Set:
10 Warriors
10 Wyches
3 Reaver Jetbikes
1 Raider

Thanks for your help

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Khain mor
Khain mor

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PostSubject: Re: Question about Battleforce   Sat Jun 08 2013, 10:41

This is just so easy. The new one.

The old one is cheaper than the new one, because it's old and the contence isn't worth much separately anyway. The warriors cost almost nothing, the jetbikes don't cost much either the raider does give you a little cash, but not much, the new warriors, wyches, reavers and raiders do sell at higher prices, the minis are just much better.
depends whether you're going for quality or price, or new dark eldar, or old dark eldar only, or maybe even a mix.

Found at the same price doesn't mean much, usually auctions go higher near the end, the new one should go at more than the old one.

The old stuff didn't have the weapon upgrades, the new warriors have all the weapons you want, the old ones only have splinter riffle and a couple of splinter cannons, the new models are a lot better than the old ones, with some exceptions like the old reaver jetbikes and the old incubi.
Same for the reavers, no special weapons, either you make them yourself on the old ones, or you get the ones with the metal upgrade.

The plastic trees are useless, they have to be painted, they're boring, they end up in a box unused for most.

A battleforce is a nice start, if you aren't looking for a competitive army, you've got a bit of everything.

If you want a nice start and good armylist, buy loads of troops with raiders and 3 heavy support units. + 1 heamonculus.

In this edition as far as troops, warriors are the best, then come wracks, then wyches as sad last. ALl heavy supports are good, but ravagers are the easiest to use and they're pretty cheap too.

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Lord of the Chat

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PostSubject: Re: Question about Battleforce   Sat Jun 08 2013, 11:36

Quote :
the minis are just much better.
In your opinion.

Personally I would buy the old one over the new one every time. I prefer the old Raider massively, I loved the old Warrior models and I do not need Wyches in my army.

If you prefer Wyches and the new models go for the new one. What kind of army are you looking for? If you want to try out everything go for the new one. I would go for the old one as the models are far better in my eyes.


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Raven The Silent
Raven The Silent

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PostSubject: Re: Question about Battleforce   Sat Jun 08 2013, 15:45

@Cavash wrote:
What kind of army are you looking for?

I know I tend to favor shooting over melee and I like the look of the bikes. That was the main reason I was leaning old box because I think I would use the 20 warriors and the 5 bikes nearly all the time but was not sure if there was something I would be drastically missing out on by not taking the Wyches.
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PostSubject: Re: Question about Battleforce   Sat Jun 08 2013, 16:03

In this edition? Kinda debatable - really you could probably get by with 10 Wyches as your whole Wych collection in this edition and do perfectly fine, and you wouldn't need to even muck with that until building for a larger army size.


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PostSubject: Re: Question about Battleforce   Sun Jun 09 2013, 21:24

Just to be sure you're aware of this, the difference is not simply between having more Warriors and Jetbikes or having some Wyches. This isn't simply a case of the Battleforce contents changing slightly, but of wholly different models. The old one has the models from 40k 3rd edition, whereas the new set has the new (i.e. current) range models.

I'd have thought that this would make the choice an easy one for you. That's not to say that everyone need go the same way - I use the old Warriors myself - but go with what fits the rest of your army.
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PostSubject: Re: Question about Battleforce   

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Question about Battleforce
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