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PostSubject: Build A Hero   Build A Hero I_icon_minitimeSun May 26 2013, 06:30

With these rules you will be able to create your own character for a Codex of your choice, though on a Dark Eldar forum they could be used with/for any army in 40k have been slowly working on these for some time now, have used them in a few games and for the most part, as long as they were not abused seems fairly balanced. So without further delay.

Build a Hero
All rules described here require opponent consent and not intended to be abused to make beat-stick heros, they are intended to be used to make fun and different characters for your army.

A Ability is a Special Rule from any currently available FW 40K-approved publication, or any current GW Codex or Basic Rulebook.
In place of a ability you may make your own rule for your hero but requires additional player consent and cost.
A USR is any Special Rule from the current Basic Rulebook.
you only get 1 custom hero, so choose wisely.

You may choose up-to a max of 1 warlord trait if your hero is the warlord and you may also make your own trait for your hero provided additional opponent consent and cost.

What kind of character do i have?

Lord-class ( models with 3 or more wounds)
Libby-class ( models with 2 wounds)
Sergeant-class (models with 1 wound)

How many can you add?

Max of 3 for a Lord-class character.
Max of 2 for a Libby-class character.
Max of 1 for a Sergeant-class character.

In total you will get a max of 3 Abilities and USR's and a max of 3 Stat points even if your character has more than 3 wounds.
Stat upgrades may not take a stat above normal the limit of 10.

Inplace of a Stat Upgrade you take any 2 items of wargear from other units in the same Codex that the unit was purchased from and of the same unit-type with the main difference being between Infantry, and Monstrous Creatures. so your talos may not take wargear from a archon and the same for the opposite but regardless of the unit type your hero may never take wargear from a vehicle as it was not meant to be used by them.

How much do they cost?

Stat Ability USR Trait
Lord-class 25 20 15 10
Libby-class 20 15 10 10
Sergeant-class 15 10 5 10

Any custom abilities or Warlord Traits add an additional 10 pts to the USR in the table above.
Additional wounds added via this method do count towards the amount of Stat/Abilities your hero can take.

Stat restrictions: You may not take more than the specified amount for the corresponding stat.
Wounds 1
Attacks 1

So for example i have a special Succubus i have named Shar-dor that has the following rules and wargear that come in at a cost of 230

Shar-dor "The Blade Artisan"

Wargear: Animus Vitae, Clone Field, Combat Drugs, Plasma & Haywire Grenades, 2x Venom Blades.

Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain, Independent Character, Dodge(4+).

Blade Artisan: Shar-dor's skill with a blade is legendary, and she can pick out a weak spot in even the most formidable armor. Her close combat attacks ignore armor.

A League Apart

Venomous Connections

Warlord Trait: Night Attacker. You can choose to use Night Fighting rules in your game. If you do, there is no need to roll – it is Night for the first turn.

so now that you have seen how it works, who will you build?
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Build A Hero
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