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 Campaign For The Pantheon Sector

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PostSubject: Campaign For The Pantheon Sector   Thu May 09 2013, 01:18

I am creating a campaign. This campaign is going to be run (by me) at both of my Local Gaming stores. This campaign is based on the Crusade of Fire book that was released by GW. I was inspired to build something of this magnitude. I have slowly been releasing updates on my blog. I thought it would be a good idea to compile all this information in one spot as well as the rules pack that I am developing for the campaign to get some feed back.

This is the overview:

So, 9 planets! It took 2 whole planetary empire sets of tiles and cutting some wood into circles. You can see a video I made HERE

The Campaign is going to run for 6 weeks. Divided into 3 Phases of 2 weeks each. The Starting Phase will Consist of the 4 outmost planets in the system. Phase 2 sees another 3 planets introduced and phase 3 sees two more.

Here are the first four planets in the system:

This is the Staging Planet. Furthest from the sun. Important Star ports serve as a staging area before ships are to transition into the warp.

Hab Planet. This planet had many of the early settlements. Soon used up it was mostly a slum by the time the conflict began.

Ice Deathworld. Was used as a training planet. The survivors of the original conflict are to be found deep underground. It is a dangerous planet to fight on.

Any Battles fought on this planet use a deathworlds effect chart:
Quote :
At the start of each turn, the player will roll a D6 on this chart and apply the results.

1 - Ground Collapse - The Ground Gives Way. Chose an unengaged infantry model. That model must pass an Initiative test or be removed from play.

If the initiative test is failed, choose another model within 2" and repeat. Continue until an Initiative test is passed.

2 - Chill Wind - A deadly cold fog rises from the ground. All units in play take 2D6 S1 Ap - hits that ignore cover.

3 - Treacherous Footing - The earth shifts underfoot. Place a counter next to D3 pieces of terrain. These are now treated as dangerous for the rest of the game.

4 - Indigenous Beast - A great predatory beast attacks. Choose an unengaged model that is at least partially in a terrain piece. That model takes D6 S5 Ap - hits.

5- Haven of Sanctity - Safe ground has been found. Choose a fleeing unit. That unit automatically rallies. You must choose a fleeing unit, even an enemy.

6 - Ice Rain - The ice falls making the ground slick and slipery. Non-vehicle models treat the board as difficult terrain this turn. Immobilized vehicles may move up to 6".

Special Scoring: Death Worlds are treacherous. Every soldier regardless of rank does what ever they can to get the job done. Elite choices become scoring in a Deathworld but are worth an additional VP if destroyed.

Then We have the Aggri World. Largest planet in the system. Also the most fertile.

Well. Thats what I have to start.
Comments Appreciated Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For The Pantheon Sector   Thu May 09 2013, 07:03

this is about as big as a tournament i was in a couple months ago (12 weeks, 3 stages, 4 weeks a stage), and took 2 planetary empire sets Razz, we to had made circles to show the size of planets, and i must say, i like yours, cause you do not have perfectly circle areas to explore, instead you have random areas on the planet to show where the war is happening. I, for one like this, although... idk if this belongs in project logs XD
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For The Pantheon Sector   Thu May 09 2013, 14:05

What kind of plans do you have for the various buildings? Having played through some of the Planetary Empires, as well as a bit of the Crusade of Fire, they can be a real big game changer.

If you are sticking with the Crusade rules, go sparse on the buildings, they will become key objectives. The plus side is you can draw the fighting where you want with them as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For The Pantheon Sector   Thu May 09 2013, 14:27

Well. It is a project after all. (i read the descriptions of each forum, seemed to fit this one the best)

I am still up in the air about the buildings:

- Manufactorum
- Power Generator
- Bastion
- SpacePort

Im even using a single one from the mighty empires set:

- Wizards Tower.

This is what I have so far:

A player that controls a bastion and plays a game on a planet that they control it get a free basic bastion to add to their list. It takes up a fort slot and they may purchase any upgrades as usual.

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign For The Pantheon Sector   

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Campaign For The Pantheon Sector
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