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 My final storm

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: My final storm   Mon May 06 2013, 00:56

Well here is my submission for the writing contest. I am not a writer and the 350 was really hard to stay under. I hope you all enjoy this as it is my first attempt to write anything outside of school back in the day.

I wrote this as an excerpt from a collection of captured letters that document the DE raids on a human slave world.

My Final Storm

As I sit here watching the flashes, I can’t help but hate what is just over the horizon. Like clockwork it happens. The same time every lunar cycle the Great Circle awakens. Fear overtakes most of them and they flee but that only prolongs the conclusion.

The last hunt has taken the use of my left leg for the foreseeable future. I am no longer spry. Cunning will only get you so far in this deadly game. I cannot hide and could not help with the defenses. I am worthless and ashamed.

How could I assist, when I could barely manage to move under my own power. I have let down my fellow townsfolk and I fear that my inadequacies will keep me from ascension upon the termination of my life. What god would accept me now? This lack of action will no doubt bring my death.

As the rain beats down, I can no longer keep my composure. Everyone has gone, trying to survive. I can finally let go. Not since I was young, have I allowed tears to flow down my sun hardened face. The fear of death tears me apart inside but not as much as the fear that I will be eternally damned for my failure.

I write this in hopes that someone will understand that I tried and know that I am sorry for my failure. I am not a scribe and my words may not flow like a peaceful river but know that they are truthful and sincere.

I must come to the conclusion now. I can feel the slight tremor of the Great Circle’s activation. I can see it from here. It has a sick kind of beauty to it. That first prow peaks through and I know my life has only minutes left.

I wait here, with the storm beating down with a rhythm that is almost soothing. I am prepared. I will not let them take me. My finger on the detonator. I will take them with me. What a cruel twist of fate.

Forgive me,
Thex Fairo

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: My final storm   Mon May 06 2013, 13:41

By now you guys know that you can be pretty harsh with me. I would love some feedback on this.
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PostSubject: Re: My final storm   Mon May 06 2013, 13:57

@Mngwa wrote:
Ooh, first one already! I have to start writing if I want to post mine before the deadline ends Very Happy

The shortness the story needs to have limits the potential, but that was an interesting short read, Mongoose study
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PostSubject: Re: My final storm   Mon May 13 2013, 01:58

I gotta be honest here mate, loved it.

Great work.
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PostSubject: Re: My final storm   

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My final storm
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