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 Ever have one of those days where you feel like an archon?

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PostSubject: Ever have one of those days where you feel like an archon?   Sat May 04 2013, 06:38

Today I had one of those moments where I felt like an Archon.

I was standing in a field surrounded by about twenty five folks, all heavily armed with various stabby weapons, shields, etc. A few of us were sporting armor. We were staring across the field at an opposing team of slightly fewer folks, but they had all the archers and many of the stronger fighters.

We gave out a yell and advanced, just like the first three times. And every time, the enemy team advanced in the same way and fought in the same way. Why change success?

So, the front lines closed and the business of stabbing got underway. Their archers picked off one or two folks, and our front line began to lose ground like the last three times.

This time though, before the fight started, I'd grabbed a pair of speedy newbies and we booked it at mach speed around one flank. One of their better fighters peeled off to deal with us, but I literally tossed one of my bodyguards into him, ducked one arrow, hopped another, and then we waded into the unprotected back of their line.

My other bodyguard and I managed to kill both of their archers, three spearmen, and two shieldmen before we got gutted.

So, my bodyguard and I were dead, maybe a third to halfway through the fight, but we'd done enough damage to end it in our favor.

Quick, brutal, decisive, according to plan, and short-lived. In that moment, I kinda felt like an Archon. Though, what I wouldn't give for a shadow field.

Anyone else have any particularly Machiavellian or interesting moments?

Time for the grateful DEldar.
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Ever have one of those days where you feel like an archon?
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