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 The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario

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The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  Empty
PostSubject: The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario    The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 28 2013, 21:07

Goodday one and all, the following scenario is designed to follow on from my previous battle report. Suffice to say after the skirmish on the surface the Dark Eldar have decided to take the fight to the Templar Strike Cruiser hanging in high orbit. The scenario is meant to represent the conflict occurring around a particular and relevant breach in the hull, one where the Dark Eldar have committed a significant portion of their forces in order to push inside and glut on the human and meta-human fruit within.

A couple of proviso's from the first. I want this scenario to favour the Black Templars. Preferably not too much, there's no fun in it if I'm slaughtered in turns 1-3 but if by the end of turn 4 or 5 my forces are in rags and tatters and the pair of us have had an enjoyable game then I have achieved my goal. Suffice to say I should point out even if the scenario is stacked against me I'm still going to attempt to win.

Obviously it's a fairly complex scenario and I'm using at least one custom unit but hopefully it will actually be fairly easy to play. Please do let me know what you think.

Scenario Rules / Ideas

Deployment: Hammer & Anvil

Objectives: Place a single objective Within the Hull and inside the Black Templar deployment zone. If at the end of the game the objective is held by the Dark Eldar then they are victorious. If however it is held by the Black Templars or unheld then the valiant defenders have withstood the assault and are victorious.

Bulkhead, Breach & The Void: The battlefield is split into three zones each with their own special rules. Models can move between them according to the systems laid out below.

The Void:
Impassable to all models that are not one of the following types, skimmers, flyers, flying monstrous creatures, jump infantry (includes jet pack infantry) and jetbikes. If any model not of this type is forced to enter this section of the board – for example disembarking from a destroyed transport or deep strike scatter – it is destroyed. Due to the darkness of space all models in this section of the board gain the Stealth special rule whilst they remain in it. All models in this section of the board may be fired at by Skyfire weapons at normal ballistic skill, and it is also affected by the Zero Gravity & Hard Vacuum rules detailed below.

Inertia: Due to the lack of resistive forces in space all wrecked & immobilised vehicles will continue to move in the direction they were travelling when they became ruined. This movement will occur at the beginning of the owning players turn. Any vehicles that contact a piece of terrain are immediately destroyed as the Explodes vehicle damage result and if there is nowhere to place any passengers they are slain. If any vehicle moving under this rule instead moves into any non-Void board section when its move is completed it becomes wrecked. If using this rule models do not immediately disembark from wrecked transports, as their alternative is death many passengers will cling to the wreckage in the hopes that they will end up safer. If the vehicle receives fire in subsequent rounds treat it as a building.

The Breach:
The twisted metal of void-armour and gantries makes up this region of the board. Due to the amount of debris 'open ground' is treated as Difficult terrain to models moving as infantry, and actual terrain pieces are treated as Dangerous terrain. This section of the board is accessible to all types of models.

Zero Gravity: Due to the localised damage to the Strike Cruiser's grav-plating The Breach is a zero-g environment. This means that all non-vehicle units may use the Jump unit trait when they wish, but they must take a Dangerous terrain test to do so - failures indicating floating off into space. Units already owning this trait may double their normal movement, run & assault distances at the cost of making a Dangerous Terrain test.

Hard Vacuum: Again due to the conditions of the combat zone all to wound rolls of 6 are treated as AP 2.

The Long Walk: Models within 2" of The Void that are hit by a blast marker must make a strength test or be removed as a casualty.

The Bulkhead & Within the Hull:
The bulkhead is just that, an internal bulkhead that is a physical wall that blocks line of sight and line of effect entirely. Vehicles that come into contact with The Bulkhead are immediately destroyed, and any passengers are slain - high speed impacts are renowned for being terminal. The region behind The Bulkhead is unsurprisingly Within the Hull and being a series of passages and corridors follows the rules for Zone Mortalis - attached. All the doors Within the Hull begin the game controlled by the Black Templar player. This region is not affected by the Zero Gravity or Hard Vacuum rules.

Man the Defences: During deployment the Black Templar’s player receives 2 Aegis Defence Lines as additional fortifications, both of which come with Quad guns. These weapons can be manned as normal, firing at the users BS or have the option to fire unmanned at BS2.

Incoming Raiders: At the beginning of every DE turn if there are no models with the Flyer type on the board roll a d6 and consult the chart below.

1 – Nothing Happens
The ships defences are keeping the aliens at bay… for now.
2-3 – A Razorwing enters play from the DE board edge.
Streaking through the smallest of gaps in the defence grid this knife-winged fighter moves in for an attack run.
4-5 – A Voidraven enters play from the DE board edge
A handful of bombers have broken through.[i/]
6 – A flyer of the DE player’s choice enters play from the DE board edge
[i]The turrets are being overwhelmed with the number of craft and more & more are making it into weapons range.

Survivors of the Sand: The Black Templar’s player receives one additional squad of 5 assault marines with melta-bombs, krak grenades and 2 plasma pistols. This squad does not start in play and at the beginning of Turn 2 are placed on a separate ‘Thunderhawk’ board along with 1 Moros Assassin Engine. Take a single turn for both sides with the DE going first – BT may seize on a 6+. At the beginning of Main Turn 3 take another turn on the Thunderhawk board and continue at the beginning of each subsequent turn until one side is defeated.

Once one side is victorious the following effects come into play on the main board – dependant on the victory. Any units that join the battle may act normally on the turn they arrive.

Black Templar Victory
Arrival of Heroes: The remains of the assault squad enter play on the Main Board from any point along a randomly determined long table edge. Each member of the assault marine squad that enters play in this fashion gains the following additions: Feel No Pain, Fearless, Eternal Warrior and another wound.

Close Air Support: After dropping off its cargo the damaged Thunderhawk gunship remains in the combat zone assisting the defence of the vessel. Modify the Incoming Raiders table as follows:
1-3 - Nothing Happens, 4-5 – Razorwing, 6 – Voidraven.

Dark Eldar Victory
New Target Acquired: After slaying its targets on the surface the Moros has been directed to target key individuals on the Strike Cruiser itself. Roll a die and consult the table below to ascertain the outcome and deployment of the Moros.

1-2 – Life Support: The region of the board classed as ‘Within the Hull’ is now subject to the Night Fight rules, and all doors within it treat Black Templar’s as enemies and Dark Eldar as friendly. Deploy the Moros anywhere further than 12’ from the objective ‘Within the Hull’.
Crawling from internal vents the engine comes, dripping with machine oil and the vital fluids of the ancient machines now slain.
3-4 – Weapons Systems: If the Quad guns are unmanned immediately resolve a round of shooting against the closest Black Templar target, if they are manned resolve a single Gets Hot result against the user. In addition the guns lose the ability to be fired unmanned and gain the Gets Hot special rule. Deploy the Moros anywhere within 6’ of either Quad gun.
Electricity sparks violently from the automated weapons as the Moros severs their connection to the ship stranding the belligerent machine spirits.
5-6 – The Head of the Snake: Nominate a Black Templars HQ choice. The Moros gains that as its ‘designated target’. Then deploy the Moros in cover within 12’ of that HQ choice.
Flushed with the slaughter the Moros targets those of significance aboard the Black Templar vessel, bursting out of cover to strike at the commanders.
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Kabalite Warrior

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The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario    The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  I_icon_minitimeFri May 10 2013, 00:02

Apologise for the late feedback PK - but the early stages of this battle look pretty lethal for you! Have you played it yet. I suppose when facing Black Templars that might not be such an issue...
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Kabalite Warrior

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The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario    The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  I_icon_minitimeFri May 10 2013, 00:40

I will be playing this a week tomorrow, and I've given the draft version to my opponent, but I'm sure he'll be happy to make a few modifications here and there.

As a first I've already thought it might work better if I reduce his 'quad-guns' to 'Automated Defences' and thus have an excuse to make them both Heavy 2. There is no point if none of my army makes it into combat after all - and I'm planning on bringing a pair of Ravagers so that one way or another I can put them down fairly rapidly.

I'm wary the Moros is a tad too powerful - I'm going to rerun the maths and confirm one way or another - but hopefully there should be 1-2 of his 2 wound assault marine heros nipping about in turn 3 or so.

In any case any feedback would be good so do feel free.
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The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario    The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  I_icon_minitimeFri May 10 2013, 13:19

This appears indeed very interesting!
If you play this scenario, I am hoping there will be pics! Cool
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The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario    The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario  I_icon_minitime

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The Templar and the Alien - Part 2 Scenario
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