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 What was your first army?

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Which army did you begin 40k with?
 10% [ 18 ]
Dark Eldar
 22% [ 38 ]
 13% [ 22 ]
Imperial Guard
 5% [ 9 ]
 2% [ 3 ]
 9% [ 16 ]
Sisters Of Battle
 1% [ 1 ]
Space Marines*
 26% [ 45 ]
Tau Empire
 5% [ 9 ]
 7% [ 13 ]
Total Votes : 174

Dr. Thodt

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Sat Aug 13 2011, 14:42

My mate gave me a load of old WD mags, which included number 127. As soon as I saw the Eldar in it that was it!

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Evil Space Elves
Haemonculus Ancient

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Sat Aug 13 2011, 15:55

@rider wrote:
started with a box of the old RTB01 beaky marines when they were hot off the press - god that shows my age.

was also back in the days of 30 beakies or 3 mk1 rhinos for under £10......

You're making me feel old too! My little brother painted the beakies better than I did when we split the box so I bought the Eldar Pirate models. Loved the old striped yellow helmets and have the scheme on my Yriel themed army today.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Sat Aug 13 2011, 20:07

The Tau is the first army I played ever (started collecting the models around November 2005, started playing since January 2006). The lessons learned from playing the Tau is applied upon every army I have played ever since, and proved to be a boon as Dark Eldar is similar to several aspects as the Dark Eldar.

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The Tax Man

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Thu Aug 18 2011, 20:55

I started my 40k career with an ork army. Me and a friend pooled our money and went halves on the 2nd edition space marine vs ork starter set and tossed a coin to see who got what.

I hated the squat little grinning models and my painting only made them look worse. To rub salt in the wound my friend quickly lost interest in 40k leaving me with a useless collection of the stumpy pointy hatted greenskins. In the end I took the only rational course of action and spent a rainy weekend in the garage systematically destroying them with a variety of my dads tools.

Those were the days

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Fri Aug 19 2011, 07:16

Space Marines. Of course, when I started in... 92, there were quite a few options less, and spezz muhreens had just the one list... Smile Or, had Space Puppies come out yet? Can't remember!

(Dark Eldar are my second army. The other one was kept going for almost 20 years, on and off. And I mean the same models etc.) Smile
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Mr Believer

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Mon Sep 19 2011, 20:23

Orks for me - I borrowed a second edition codex off a friend, and I loved all the fluff and everything, especially Weirdboys and Stormboys, but that was literally as everything was changing over to third edition. Weirdboys didn't make the cut in that edition, but I'd already decided Orks were the way to go. I just liked the attitude of them, and I knew I wanted villains at the time. 2,500 points or so, most of it huge troop choices that took an age to get anywhere thanks to only flipping Eldar being allowed to fleet at the time. I used to chuck them all in shoeboxes, due to my being a complete idiot at the time, then carry them around in a chest as big as me!

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Mon Sep 19 2011, 21:18

First started with Eldar and then got tired of most weapons ignoring my armour saves so I changed to Space Marines. After five years I got really really tired of Power Armour on my side of the field, on the other side of the field, on the table next to me, on the table next to that one, and so on and so forth. So I have gone to Dark Eldar because my wife took my Eldar and I really wanted something different and because my wife said no to Nids like a hunderd times. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Mon Sep 19 2011, 21:33

Like most everyone else who started with the release of Rogue Trader in '87, I began with Space Marines. RTB01 set, when it came out, the box of two land raiders, the box of three rhinos, the softback Compendium and so on. Built the Mantis Warriors finally and then Salamanders...then fell hard to the World Eaters Legion when RoC Lost & the Damned and Slaves to Chaos came out.

Worked in an old lead & plastic Eldar army...made some pirates from them, used Harlequins too.

3e began DE.

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Mon Sep 19 2011, 21:54

Got in 40k by a friend from my school back in 2003 and I was (being 13 years old) spoilt for choice because I was divided on who I wanted to go with...and with the material I borrowed was only about the marine armies available I ended up picking Space Wolves...though almost went Blood Angels or Chaos Space Marines.

However, a combination of bad painting, lack of people to play with, bad experiences from both some members of the GW staff and other players at the old GW I ended up giving it and all my Wolves models up just after I turned 15....even though I spent my entire 14th birthday money on models for my wolves.

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Tue Sep 20 2011, 00:34

SM I guess - custom chapter. Then I sold it and went dark eldar for 3rd edition. Stuck with them until I had to move and flogged them. Never replaced them but am thinking of it once I get the rest of my stuff sorted!
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Tue Sep 20 2011, 03:12

Daemonhunters (my first army) is not on the list
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Tue Sep 20 2011, 06:05

We could probably change Sisters to a more accurate Daemonhunters/Witchhunters impressed someone did that as their first army, was it love of models or attitude or, gasp, rules?

Let's see, I came to the game through an odd sidestep through Space Hulk and Necromunda - mostly Necromunda (Goliaths for life, yo!)

First real army that I played competitively and was painting was Orks - and Kult of Speed to get a bit more specific. Somewhere in there, as I became a huge lover of raw speed and armies that used it I transitioned towards DE. What fluff they had was pretty epic, and I loved the idea of Eldar in general, and an Eldar list that would basically be Kult of Speed was everything I wanted in a nutshell.


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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Fri Sep 30 2011, 20:32

Chaos Marines. Blood for the Blood God, and all that. Needless to say I hold a severe grudge towards one particular unnamed Dev.

~ Drazhar, Master of Blades
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Father Dagon

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Thu Oct 13 2011, 02:01

Chaos Space Marines. Emperor's Children to be specific. I got into it during 5th edition. I played with the ECs for a while, decided that I didn't like the rules, and moved to Dark Eldar after a hiatus. I'm still building my Evil Space Elves, I haven't had my first battle with them yet.

But, truly, Slaanesh will always be my first 40k Love.

The Kabal of the Bliss Bereaved
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Thu Oct 13 2011, 02:38

Notice how none of you started on a LotR army. Strange eh? I got my first minatures when i was like 9 they were beaky dark angels, not sure what ed they were, i didn't play back then just painted and collected.
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Thu Oct 13 2011, 06:26

As all kewl kids, I begun with the best of the best.

Land Raider, Terminator Lord (converted to Horus), Blood Thirster and a Terminator with an Assault Cannon.
Then I allied in a bunch of Genestealers to ride with Horus...

It eventually turned into my first army, which was Tyranids.
Then Orks, Chaos, Daemons, Witch Hunters, Tau and now Dark Eldars.
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Thu Oct 13 2011, 07:44

Well, I started with a force of our craftworld kin, the Eldar.
Since I was like 11 - 12 (I think) I got beaten all the time, needless to say I got real tired of it.

I bought a completespace marine force from a friend and played it for the coming 3.5 years.
I then started to paint my old models/buy new and paint them into blood angels.

So after about 5 - 6 years with power armour I thougt it was time for a change. And here I am. Cool

Working on a new Dark Eldar army: Kabal of the Poison Rose

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Wed Oct 26 2011, 04:32

I started with Dark Eldar with the 3rd edition box set about 6 months before 4th came out.

My son wanted to start the game so we got the box set and ofcourse he wanted the SM's, I got the DE. 6 months later my son decided it wasn't for him and gave up. I'm still going and have made my way through Night Lords into CSM, Space Marines, Ravenwing, Chaos Daemons and have always played DE, even in the dark days.
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Wed Nov 02 2011, 11:42

I started with orks, changed to Tyranids and about 10 years ago I got my DE started Smile

Plays Dark Eldar, Eldar and Harlequins.
If you are from norway, check out www.drittunger.no
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Tue Nov 08 2011, 04:37

I first started with Tyranids, a mere year and 4 months ago. I was browsing at my local GW at the recommendation of a friend and saw the Trygon and instantly fell in love with it, then I saw a Carnifex and had to play the bugs. Kept playing and started considering a new army (I was getting tired of winning because the local players were good but not used to fighting bugs and since I never used the same strategy they always seemed to have issues adapting), thought about Blood Angels and Tau. Then the new DE codex came out, loved the fluff and decided they would be my second army. Started slowly working on my Dark Eldar while I kept building up my 'Nids and then decided that I was going to fully shift to DE being my main army. The only downside? The only person able to give me any challenge anymore is the best player in our local seen and that's only because he and I both think out of the box and in faster ways than most people. Never use the same list twice and never hit the same way if it all possible. People still try to challenge my 'Nids though since I managed to sweep the last 3 tournaments
(twice with 'Nids) and they feel that 'Nids are the less competitive of my two armies.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Sun Nov 20 2011, 09:29

I started with a IG Force back in 1999. Completely made of Necromunda-Orlocks (Those Models hit ebay very cheap in those days) and converted Ork-Pickups as transports. That forces went heretic due to Alpha Legion-Connection and fought in the 13th crusade as Alpha Legion Cultists.

The Core of my DE-Kabal dates back to that time

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Archon Zarkalus

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Sun Nov 20 2011, 21:25

My first army was Space Marine: Space Wolves.

Back in '92, a college buddy of mine introduced me to Rogue Trader and I found a box-set of Long Fangs. I bought the book and the box-set and the rest is history.

I made a small Space Wolves army but my life moved me away from the game. I later got back into the game with a Dark Angels force.

Alas... the first COMPLETED army that I got was not until the re-release of Necrons (4rd Ed)

I now have:

Chaos Space Marines: Word Bearers army.
Space Marines: Praetors of Orpheus
Necrons (4rd Ed)

And now I am starting Dark Eldar... Rolling Eyes Yeah... I wanted a change..

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Wed Jan 18 2012, 22:12

I started with craftworld eldar because I grew impatient waiting for the DE to get a make-over. And like in every other game I wanted pointy-eared fellows Embarassed

My boyfriend and a bunch of lab collegues intoduced me to the game about three years ago.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Thu Jan 19 2012, 02:10

i actually started with chaos daemons. i couldn't win a game to save my life.
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Kieran Venoxis

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   Mon Feb 27 2012, 04:36

Orks. I fell in love with their personality but always got rolled in game. I sold them to fund starting my High Elves army but I still miss the green buggers but at that point I hadnt played them in a couple years.
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PostSubject: Re: What was your first army?   

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What was your first army?
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