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 Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft

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PostSubject: Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft   Fri Mar 15 2013, 23:03

It's always seemed totally absurd to me how bad the razorwing is as an anti-air flyer, even though it's called a 'fighter'. In my view, this is what a Razorwing should be:

Razorwing Jetfighter

Razorwings are the Dark Eldar’s primary weapon for air superiority. In any given open-air battle, the enemy is likely to see scores of them sweeping through the skies, destroying squadron after squadron of enemy flyers with their deadly array of air-to-air weaponry.

100 points

AV 10 / 10 / 10 Flyer

Weapons: 2 Dog fighting dark lances ( 24” Str 7, AP 2, Heavy 4, skyfire only, dogfighting*)
4 dogfighting missiles ( 48” Str 8, AP 5, one shot only, lock on*, skyfire only)

Options: Nightshields 10 pts
Flickerfield 10 pts
Add a splinter rifle for 5 pts or a splinter cannon for 10 pts
Replace any dogfighting missiles with monoscythe missiles for free
Replace the dog fighting dark lances with disintegrators for free

*dogfighting – when firing at the rear armour of an enemy flyer, the weapon counts as twin-linked.

*a dogfighting missile can only be fired by “locking on”: the flyer declares it is firing the missile at a visible target in its front arc as normal (this does count as firing a weapon), however the weapon is not actually fired this turn. If the target is still in sight and range in the flyer’s next shooting phase, the weapon is fired and hits automatically, ignoring jink saves. In the turn the weapon is actually fired, it does not count as firing a weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft   Sat Mar 16 2013, 01:20

I would never use this myself... It's to limited in function and easy to avoid missiles alongside poor lances.

To be honest, give the current fighter vector dancer, an option for AA missiles and drop it 20 points and its good to go!

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PostSubject: Re: Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft   Sat Mar 16 2013, 14:19

+1 to massen, even though I dont think itll even need the point drop. Just a non blast missile (or a missle that re-rolled armor pen would be nice) and vector dancer. Actually I dont see why our planes dont have that rule. It totally screams Eldar...

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PostSubject: Re: Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft   Tue Apr 09 2013, 12:24

Sorry for necroposting, but the idea struck me.

May be the reason "GW" didn't release the Voidraven coz they'll update the rules for it first via supplement? And, like DfTS, it'll be charged for premium.

DfTS was a perfect opportinuty, but they were too busy keeping those loyalist marines players entertained after they lost their "king of the hill" position in 6ed.
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PostSubject: Re: Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft   Tue Apr 09 2013, 12:47

Quote :
Sorry for necroposting
It's not necroposting; you have a month after the last post before it's deemed to be necromancy. Also, in future, if you think that it's necroposting please don't do it. It's a rule - Cheers.

I don't think that they'll update it, afterall, we are one of the little xenos races that GW will ignore for the next decade.


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PostSubject: Re: Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft   

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Razorwings as actual fighter aircraft
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