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 One brave wych

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Barking Agatha
Barking Agatha

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PostSubject: Re: One brave wych    One brave wych  - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 15 2013, 20:55

In my last game of 5th edition...

Ten wyches charged a chaos Defiler in my opponent's deployment zone. At the end of Turn 2 they destroyed it with haywire grenades and 8 wyches left.

On Turn 3 they charged a Rhino carrying Khorne Berzerkers and killed it. The Berzerkers got out, shot at them, and charged them. The wyches killed them all. There were 4 wyches left.

On Turn 4 Abbaddon the Despoiler and 3 Terminators teleported in. The wyches charged them. All 3 Terminators and 3 of the wyches were killed, leaving the Hekatrix and Abbaddon to fight it out.,

The Hekatrix killed Abbaddon. : )
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PostSubject: Re: One brave wych    One brave wych  - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 15 2013, 23:23

My experience with Wyches so far: Watch their Raider explode. Cry. Repeat with next Wych squad.

On a similar note, though, I had a blob of Kabalite Warriors pop out of a WWP in a game against Dark Angels and Chaos.
It was my first game against Chaos so I had given them a Sybarite because I wante to see what the Chaos Boon table could do.

All Warriors save one and the Sybarite were shot to pieces. They did not fall back. They eventually charged into the squad of five Plague Marines. The Warrior died but my Sybarite challenged their leader and cut him open with his Venom Blade. He then proceeded to finish the rest of the squad earning himself the third Pain Tokaen (He had prviously got two through a Cronos Parasite engine and by shooting the last two Marines of a Chosen squad to pieces).
He danced his way across the table, dodging bullets and laughing at the Mon-keigh until he contended an objective after cutting through a number more cultists.


One brave wych  - Page 2 YiVCUio
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One brave wych
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