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 Updating the DE for 6th

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PostSubject: Updating the DE for 6th   Sat Feb 16 2013, 05:16

Generally the DE are fairly well-off for 6th edition, but there are at least a couple of things that need fixing that the FAQs didn't address. So here, state the unit, state the update and increase the points if necessary.

Razorwing Jetifghter and Voidraven Bomber - Both fliers gain the Vector Dancer special rule. No points increase, our fliers are overpriced as is.

Wyches - May now use their Dodge save in Overwatch. Think of the Matrix. No points increase.

Mandrakes - Gain Shrouded. No points increase.

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Updating the DE for 6th   Sun Feb 17 2013, 08:19

change the combat drugs table to come in line with 6th
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PostSubject: Re: Updating the DE for 6th   Sun Feb 17 2013, 08:57

Give us back 3rd ed Wych weapons! And change that pesky roll of a 1 on the combat drug table lol

Completely agree with the Vector dancer, it's strange that dark eldar, of all races, don't have it on their flyers

Wyches and "matrix" doges seems a tad unnecessary when we have access to defensive grenades

Shroud on Mandrakes, yup, should of had it in the first place


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PostSubject: Re: Updating the DE for 6th   

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Updating the DE for 6th
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