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 Lhamaean: Making it a viable character

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PostSubject: Lhamaean: Making it a viable character   Mon Feb 11 2013, 21:15

The Lhamaean seems to be the most useless of the Court of the Archon.

However, fluff wise it holds the most potential for becoming a useful addition to the army as its role is to serve as a "Mistress of Poisons".

Some ways it could add to the Army include:

- Allowing you to upgrade a Unit's poison weapons with a special effect ala Sternguard. Could be random, or can allow you to select one off a list each turn
- Providing an army wide buff on to poisoned weapons via a "Poison table" that is randomly rolled similar to combat drugs
- Becoming a Farseer like IC with Psycher like abilities provided by unique poison attacks or drugs
- Allows the Court to become a Scoring Unit while they are alive.

Any thoughts?

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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaean: Making it a viable character   Mon Feb 11 2013, 22:01

She is actually one of the best as she has 3 venom blade attacks on the charge for 10pts, that's a bargain! The simplest way to make her more viable would be to make agonisers count as poison weapons, or let her poison special rule affect her whole squad. Or even better make the archon's court 0-X rather than 1-X for the choices.

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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaean: Making it a viable character   Tue Feb 12 2013, 11:25

Agree a bit more with Mush here. Poison the whole court's weapons, and make the numbers 0-X, at least on some of the members. I mean, not everyone wants blind ghouls around, right..?

Maybe Lhamaeans and Medusae could be 1-X, while Ur-ghuls and Sslyth is 0-X?

I do like the idea with upgrading the poisons, though.

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shamroll wrote:
Dang! I was hoping Tyranids followed the Pokemon naming idea. A big Carnifex running around just yelling "Carnifex! Carni-Carnifex!" followed by a squad of termagants all saying "Termagant" to each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaean: Making it a viable character   Sun Mar 17 2013, 22:06

I do like the idea of upgrading poisons. But the farseer Idea is even better, come come up with some pretty interesting power from that idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Lhamaean: Making it a viable character   Sun Mar 17 2013, 22:19

Please do not necro threads. Cheers - Cavash.


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Lhamaean: Making it a viable character
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