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 night fighting and vehicles

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PostSubject: night fighting and vehicles   Mon Jan 28 2013, 06:47

Do vehicles, Raiders Venoms etc. benefit from the night fighting special rule if they are in cover or is it only non-vehicle units?
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PostSubject: Re: night fighting and vehicles   Mon Jan 28 2013, 06:57

Nightfight does not discriminate model type as the rules is based on units shooting at units.

Any unit (be it Vehicle, Infantry, etc) in our codex that has the "Night Vision" special rule ignores the effects of nightfighting.

That means they ignore all the rules, and do not grant the cover saves based on the shooting distances desribed on pg.124 of the rulebook.

If the enemy does not have Night Vision (or equiviant) then they must adhere to the rules when shooting back at us.

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night fighting and vehicles
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