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  So GW has a 'no listing back ordered or out of stock for a couple months' policy?

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PostSubject: So GW has a 'no listing back ordered or out of stock for a couple months' policy?   Wed Jan 16 2013, 03:38

Last friday I ordered a box of dark eldar incubi for $41.25. Now because of shipping and handling this comes out to about 50.75. Seeing how orders over 50 dollars have free shipping I played around with a few more items and actually got my cart to 50.70 while still getting a few things that I could use. So i place my order a little chumed with myself about how I kinda sorta saved 5 cents by getting a few extra things. Well yesterday I got an email saying that unfortunately the dark eldar incubi are back orderd until the second week of february. So ya i got the $41.25, but I ended up getting stuck with paying for some things that while weren't completely useless I didn't really need to the point where i would have never bought them.

What really got me angry though wasn't that despite their being such an obvious shortage that it'll be almost a month before they have models, and just the fact that they didn't list 'temperalily out of stock' seeing how they don't charge you and just ship when their in stock, but the fact that theres was a MASSIVE list of items that were all out of order. Instead of just telling me that oh the incubi are out of stock sorry for the incoveniance they sent me a huge list of items that are out of stock and that one or more of them may have been mine so I'll eventually get refunded. Seriously GW? You had that much stuff that would be off the shelf and you couldn't be bothered to change your website, or at least mention in one of your usually useless daily white dwarf posts, or even in an e-mail, that all of these models are out of stock.

For those who are interested here's the list:

70100181211 The Imperial Infantryman’s Handbook OBSOLETE
99140103001 Ork Wartrakk Skorcha OBSOLETE
99060105142 Imperial Guard Catachan Snipers 1/18/2013
99060105157 Steel Legion Lascannon Team 1/18/2013
99060301018 Epic: Space Marine Terminators 1/18/2013
99060804003 Battlefleet Gothic: Eldar Hellebore (2 M1/18/2013
99060804003 Battlefleet Gothic: Eldar Hellebore Frig1/18/2013
99061209010 Warmaster: Trolls 1/18/2013
99061209011 Warmaster: Ogres (3 Stands) 1/18/2013
99061461006 Sam and Frodo in Orc Armour 1/18/2013
99061464003 Warriors of Numenor with Spears 1/18/2013
99061464071 Ruffians And Slavers 1/18/2013
99061466005 Barrow Wights 1/18/2013
99800101022 Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris 1/18/2013
99800103004 Ork Weirdboy 1/18/2013
99800104014 Harlequin Death Jester 1/18/2013
99800107002 Lord Kaldor Draigo 1/18/2013
99800110001 Nemesor Zahndrekh 1/18/2013
99800209002 Grimgor Ironhide 1/18/2013
99810101020 Sammael 1/18/2013
99810102007 Plague Marines 1/18/2013
99061466004 Cave Troll with Hammer 1/25/2013
99800107005 Inquisitor Coteaz 1/25/2013
99060108087 Sisters of Battle Superior with Chainswo2/8/2013
99061462036 Wild Warg Chieftain 2/8/2013
99061463039 Armoured Glorfindel 2/8/2013
99061464020 Rohan Royal Guard on Foot 2/8/2013
99061464121 Clansmen of Lamedon 2/8/2013
99061499075 Gollum 2/8/2013
99800102001 Abaddon the Despoiler 2/8/2013
99800112003 Urien Rakarth 2/8/2013
99810112005 Dark Eldar Incubi 2/8/2013
99810207004 Vampire Counts Varghulf 2/8/2013
99060305041 Epic: Imperial Guard Ragnarok Tank (3 mo2/15/2013
99061464002 Warriors of Numenor with Bows 2/15/2013
99111464103 Sauron the Necromancer 2/15/2013
99801463006 High Elf Warriors 2/15/2013

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PostSubject: Re: So GW has a 'no listing back ordered or out of stock for a couple months' policy?   Wed Jan 16 2013, 18:47

Sorry to hear that mate. Looking at the product list most of them seem to be finecast products... well, I was always of the impression that it is while easier to work with still a bad product - and I only say bad because I don't want to curse.

Edit: the point is they might still have production issues i.e. a huge number of faulty casts.
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So GW has a 'no listing back ordered or out of stock for a couple months' policy?
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