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 Using old models

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Using old models   Sun Jun 12 2011, 20:57

I was wondering if anyone was using the old models still? In particular, if they were using them willingly, and not just because they hadn't replaced them yet. And finally, what people have done to try and bring them in line with the 5th edition codex.

For myself, I use the new Warriors only as Trueborn and have bought the old Warriors to use as the basic troop, only swapping out heads and new style Blasters for the old ones. Also, I bought old jetbikes and converted them with new-range body parts (especially heads) and chains from the Raider kit. I have an old Haemonculus I might use instead of the new one, but am not sold on either (I just don't like how they float for no reason). Otherwise, everything I am using is from the newest releases.
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In Exile

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PostSubject: Re: Using old models   Sun Jun 12 2011, 21:00

I hate the old models. I bought a ton of stuff on eBay and have since resold it since the newly released models. I do still have the Vect conversion kit, but don't know what do with it. I think I'll probably sell that too.
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PostSubject: Re: Using old models   Sun Jun 12 2011, 21:24

I ran into this same thing with bugs and plan to apply the same thought pattern:

If there is a fundamental play-changing difference (a la the base size increased/decreased), then you should use the new models (or at least convert the old). If there is an exceptional model that you like, keep it.


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Baron Tordeck
The Helfather

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PostSubject: Re: Using old models   Sun Jun 12 2011, 21:30

I still use the old range. Mostly because I can't afford to switch right now. But since the update and getting to play them more often they are starting to grow on me. I might not switch over at all.


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PostSubject: Re: Using old models   Sun Jun 12 2011, 21:59

Considering Previous DE models were one of oldest (and smallest) and new are actually new (not recyled Space Marine or Nids crap, beaten over and over and OVER again) there is no surprise what people would like to pick...

However there are few cool old models. Like Raiders, I really like front "ram", splinter cannon also look good and Reavers... Anyway I have 16 (well, 3x5 + sybarite) old warriors and somewhere I had 3 scratchbuild Raiders.
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Rumour Scourge

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PostSubject: Re: Using old models   Sun Jun 12 2011, 22:52

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PostSubject: Re: Using old models   

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Using old models
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