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 The Dark Arts of Fleshcrafting, the painting and modelling index

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PostSubject: The Dark Arts of Fleshcrafting, the painting and modelling index   Sun Jun 12 2011, 18:16


It's always good to have ancient knowledge collected in one place.
So grab Your scalpels, gather around operating table and watch Coven Masters at work...

This post is a collection of the best painting and modelling tutorials relating to the Dark Kin that can be found here on TDC, as well as elsewhere on the mon'keigh's Webway.

If you have a suggestion for a new tutorial link, please PM one of the mod team assigned to The Workshops.

Thank you.


Sculpting and modelling

Templates & Tools

  • Paint compability chart (from Dakka Dakka)
    - an invaluable chart comparing colours across the old and new Citadel (GW), Vallejo Game and Model Colors, Rackham, Reaper Master, Privateer Press P3 and Coat D'arms ranges.  Include the relevant hex code for each colour, as well.

  • Citadel Conversion Chart (from GW)
    - published by GW when they changed their entire paint range, note that "all values are approximate", in that many of the colour conversions are not an exact match.

  • The Stuff of Legends - Citadel Miniatures
    - a reference site for classic sci-fi and fantasy miniatures from a huge array of manufacturers, the Citadel/GW section includes everything from 1979 to the present day, with a written history of the company and its various ranges, and copies of their annual catalogues.
    - an excellent resource for limited and out of production models, and prototypes that never made it into production.
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The Dark Arts of Fleshcrafting, the painting and modelling index
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