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 Doomgivers Legion Omnibus

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PostSubject: Doomgivers Legion Omnibus   Sun Jan 06 2013, 19:08

if u know how to make this bullet thing work plz help

Doomgivers Legion Structure and Organization
Legion Command: The Lord Marshal
 Legion HQ is the operating base or naval vessel of the Commanding Officer (The Lord Marshal or First Marshal with Mournival, if The Lord Marshal is away)
 If above are N/A then it is The Vigilant and then Lorn V
 The Mournival
 Each member is given the title/rank of Marshal: First Marshal (2nd in Command of the Legion), Chief Sorcerer, Master of the Immortals and Master of Sanctity.
 Ancients/Consuls of the Legion (Senior Staff Officer Cadre)
 Ancients (Legion Ancients, Standard Bearers, Equerries, Ancient Venerable Dreadnaughts)
 First Marshal and First Captain of the Legion are both Equerries to The Lord Marshal
 Ancient of Rites – Revered Venerable Dreadnaught Ancient Rylanor (formerly of the Emporer’s Children, survived Heresy and placed in secret slubber by The Lord Marshal)
 Responsible for guidance of aspirants and new members and watches his brothers for signs of treachery
 Works alongside Chaplains
 One of the most revered members of the Legion
 His existence is kept a secret to the outside (does not see battle)
 Senior representatives of the Armoury, Librarus/Sorcerer Cadre, Apothecarion, Masters of the Fleet, Master of the Forge, Castellan of The Vigilant, Regent of Lorn V.
 Honour Guard
 Ghostshroud
 Legion Champion
 First Company
 Nominally First Chapter as it is under The Lord Marshal’s personal command
 Legion Assets:
 Planetary Domains
 Primary Base is secretly occupied and fortified Lorn V
 The Vigilant (Ramilles Class Star-fort)
 The Soul Ravager (flagship battle barge)
 Several times larger than normal battle barges
 Can hold the entire First Chapter
 The Spectre Mortis (heavily modified stealth cruiser)
 Operates under The Lord Marshal’s command, although often commanded by its captain
Cruiser modified by sorcerous power and ancient technology
 Stronger and faster than any frigate should be
 Can call upon The Warp Kraken for a period of time
 Has its own space marine crew that operates independent of the rest of the legion and answers only to The Lord Marshal
 Capital Class Warships
 Battle Barges, Battleships (Emperor, Retribution, Apocalypse, Oberon class), Battlecruisers (Armageddon, Mars, Overlord class), Strike Cruisers
 Secondary Escort Vessels
 Cruisers (Lunar, Gothic), Grand Cruisers (Repulsive, Avenger class), Dauntless-class light cruisers
 Dropships and Drop Pods
 Legion Armoury
 Led/represented by Master of the Forge
 All weapons, power armor, and vehicles
 Vehicles include: razorbacks, predators (including annihilator), whirlwinds, land raiders (all currently used moderns) and land speeders
 Legion Apothecarion
 Led/represented by Chief Apothecary
 Legion Librarus/Sorcerer Cadre
 Led by Chief Sorcerer
 Chief Sorcerer -> Legate Sorcerer/Librarian -> Cohort Sorcerer/Librarian -> Company Sorcerer/Librarian
 Legion Chaplaincy
 Led by Master of Sanctity/High Chaplain
 High Chaplain -> Legate Chaplains -> Company Chaplains
 Auxiliary Army (Ex-Imperial Guard units)[/list]
 Legion Support Corps (Victuallers, Commissary, Legion Serfs, Indentures, Servitors, etc.)
Chapters – Each Chapter consists of 1000 marines and follows the standard organization with the exception of the First Chapter, elements of the First Marshal’s Chapter and The Thousand Immortals (3rd Chapter)
Legion Marines: about 12200

• Chapter I – First Chapter
 Under personal command of The Lord Marshal
 1200 marines, all veterans of the Legion
 Terminators of this chapter use both Cataphractii and Indomitus Pattern Terminator Armor
 Ghostshroud bodyguards
 heavily resemble Heresy Era Deathshroud and Justaerin
 First Company
 Company Commander: First Captain (of the legion)
 personal bodyguards/most elite veterans of Legion
 Second Company
 an entire company of warriors in terminator armor
 most resemble standard Imperial space marine terminators and Heresy Era Morlocks and modern uncorrupted Death Guard Terminators
 Companies follow normal structure with the defining exceptions listed here
 Companies 3-12 of Legion are divided in to 2 battalions as normal
 Large number of Armageddon Squads
 Company assets are normal except for a higher number of high quality vehicles and equipment
• Chapter II
 Under personal command of First Marshal (at present – may not always be this particular chapter)
 Personal bodyguards of First Marshal
 Normal chapter organization
 Companies 13-23
• Chapter III – The Thousand Immortals
 Lead by Lucius the Reborn
 Usually stationed on The Vigilant when not called to combat
 Only called to battle by command of The Lord Marshal
 Only appear as full chapter
 No battalions
 Has its own independent companies called Centennials, numbered 1-10 – therefore normal chapter-company organization skips 3rd chapter
 Limited number of Rubric Terminators
 All Rubric Marines (armored suits animated by the resurrected souls of fallen warriors of the legion) lead by specially trained Sorcerers
 Chapter chaplains are specially trained to commune with these fallen warriors
 Very few armored vehicles, most support elements are Reverent Dreadnaughts (those few who were so revered in life that their souls are allowed to animate a dreadnaught’s body)
• Chapter IV (this chapter and all others adhere the following structure)
 Chapter Command: Chapter Master (Alternatively Lord Commander, Warsmith, or Dark Apostle based on preference)
 Some of these titles are used at lower ranks, but this does not present a problem as most Chapter Masters are known by name or nickname/other title
 Legate Chaplain
 Legate Sorcerer/Librarian
 Chapter Champion
 Chapter IV consists of Companies 24-34 (all chapters after the 3rd follow normal company numbering)
 Battalion I
 Battalion Command: Commander
 Battalion Advisors
 Cohert Sorcerer/Librarian
 Battalion Standard Bearers
 Battalion Command Unit/Bodyguard
 Battalion Assets:
 Naval vessels
 Drop Pods and Dropships
 Techmarine Covenants
 Apothecarion Sections
 Librarus Sections
 Reconnaissance Sections
 Five Companies
 Battalions number five companies, each of a hundred Legionaries – First Company of the battalion (not of legion) is composed of chapter Veterans and other elite units, II, III and IV are line (battle or assault) companies and the V Company is comprised entirely of specialist troops such as dedicated Assault, Devastator units (usually this is a Reserve Company)
 The CO of the first Company of each standard chapter holds the rank of War Captain/Senior Captain.
 Company Command: Captain
 Company Standard Bearer
 Company Command Bodyguard Squad (up to 10 marines, Company Champion and one veteran sergeant)
 Company Assets:
 Heavy Support Squads (10 Space Marine Legionaries)
 Assigned Veteran or Specialist Squads (Various)
 Dropships/Gunships
 Rhino or Razorback Armoured Transports
 Tank Detachments
 Fast Attack – Land Speeders
 Dreadnaughts
 Techmarines
 Apothecaries
 Company Sorcerer/Librarian(s)
 Company Chaplain
 10 Squads
 10 marines led by a sergeant
 Tactical, assault, devastator, or Armageddon squad
 Companies may include specialist Armageddon Squads
 Most of these squads are veterans and so are more numerous in the veteran companies
 10 marines with bolters and close combat weapons such as chain swords
 specialist combination of tactical and assault squads into one extremely flexible unit
 Battle Company organization (most of the legion)
 6 Tactical Squads
 2 Assault Squads
 2 Devastator Squads
 Assault Companies organization
 All assault squads
 may consist of space marine style assault marines, raptor style marines
 may include some assault terminators
 may or may not have jump packs
 Any company can be designated a Reserve Company
Battalion II
 Last five companies of chapter
 Companies 6-9 of chapter are line companies or reserve companies
 Last company is a reserve fast attack unit consisting of assault squads and land speeders (comparable to the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels)
Recruitment and Training Unit – all scouts, usually assigned in small squads to companies throughout chapter
• Chapter V-XII
Companies 35-122

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Doomgivers Legion Omnibus
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