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 Project Logs of Legend

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PostSubject: Project Logs of Legend   1/1/2013, 21:48

Howdy. This thread is for those who wish to peruse the project logs that showcase the best here at the Dark City. It will be updated constantly as project logs that catch my attention as particularly outstanding are added.


Our very own Sky Serpent with some excellent conversion work
Duke Sliscus and the Sky Serpents

GAR with alternative paint scheme "Desert themed Dark Eldar"
The Black Halo

Sorrowshard, excellent dark and sinister paint scheme
The Invidious Requiem

Speedfreek, amazing conversions and great paint scheme
Harlequinade Macabre

Evil Space Elves, conversions and paint, your one stop shop for awesome sauce
An "Evil" Project

Eye of Error, a series of unit by unit project logs, amazing conversions and paint
Haemonculi Coven
Is that a Dragon with freaking Disentingratpr cannons on it?
Dark Eldar Defenses
Wych Cult of Red Death
Asdrubael Vect -High Lord of Commorragh

Mr. Pink, some amazing conversions and most excellent green stuff work.
Coven of the Umnarred

Spellcheck2001, A harlequin conversion journal, Incredible conversion work
Harlequin Carnival- La Danse Macabre

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PostSubject: Re: Project Logs of Legend   1/1/2013, 22:53

A good idea for a thread and potentially a sticky too?

I think you should add a small description underneath on why they have made your list etc.

Also I wouldn't say my thread is worthy of being among the other project logs, yet Wink
(c'mon, I haven't even finished a single model yet)


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Project Logs of Legend
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