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 Dark Eldar Warlord Traits

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Thu Dec 27 2012, 23:11

It's odds on that we'll see a set of Warlord Traits in our next Codex - what do you think they'd look like?

We could have a go at making some of our own here. Smile

Webway Master - D3 Dark Eldar units, chosen before electing whether to reserve units, may assault in the game turn that they arrive from reserve from a Webway Portal.


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Thu Dec 27 2012, 23:31

Wishful thinking; Veil of Tears from the Shadowseer to the unit the Warlord joins.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Fri Dec 28 2012, 00:59

Hurricane of blades: All dark eldar count as having 2 close combat weapons in combat. Only really helps Kalbalites but still, sounds cool.

Take them for Commorragh!:For every unit run down by a hq with this WLT you are awarded a victory point.

Drugs are fun!: re-roll CD

Death my meat, Terror my win: forces moral checks to be re-rolled with in 12 of hq

Black marketeer: all poisen in his unit has a +1 to wound, or a re-roll on a 2+

Pre fall tek: Causes night fighting first turn that will continue on a 4+ at the end of every turn until failed.

Hows that?
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Tiri Rana
Tiri Rana

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Fri Dec 28 2012, 05:05

When generating his Warlord Traits, a Dark Eldar Warlord
may either roll on one of the Warlord Traits tables in the
Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, or roll on the according table below.

Kabalite Traits
If your Warlord is Asdrubael Vect, Lady Malys, Drazhar, Duke Sliscus or an Archon use this table
D6Warlord Trait
1Kinslayer: This Warlord feels a perverse joy,
when fighting his own kin.

The Warlord and all friendly units within 12" of the Warlord have
the Preferred Enemy (Eldar and Dark Eldar) special rule.
4Underhand Blow: This Warlord likes to stalk
his prey from the shadows.

The Warlord and the unit he joins during deployment have the
Infiltrate special rule.
2Burning Acid: This Warlord just likes to see
his enemies burn and wreathe in excruciating pain.

All Melee weapons belonging to the Warlord and his
unit have the Soul Blaze special rule.
5The oncoming Storm: This Warlord delayed his
reinforcements to lull his enemies into a sense of security.

Don't roll for Reserves in turn two. In turn three Reserves will
come into play on a roll of 2 or higher.
3Slave Raid: This Warlord is in it for the money.
Roll a Leadership test every time you run down an enemy unit. If
you pass you will capture the fleeing models. At the end of the game
you get 1 VP for every ten models captured this way.
6Timed Assault: This Warlord prepared his assault to
make the most of the planets night cycle.

Don't roll for Night Fighting at the start of the game. It will be night
for the first game turn. On a roll of 4+ Night fighting will remain in play
for another turn.

Wych Cult Traits
If your Warlord is Lelith Hesperax, Baron Sathonix or a Succubus use this table.
D6Warlord Trait
1The swift blade: This Warlord rewards the
first Warrior to draw blood.

D3 units have the Scout special rule.
4Monster Hunter: This Warlord is looking for
the biggest prey possible to throw into the arenas of Commoragh.

The Warlord and his unit have the Monster Hunter special rule.
2Personal Stash: This Warlord offers his Warriors
the finest Drugs to choose from.

You may adjust you Combat Drug roll by one up or down.
5Master of the Skies: This Warlord revels in the
beautiful, but deadly attack runs of his aircraft and rewards the
most daring maneuvers.

All flyers in your Army get the Strafing run and Vector Dancer
special rules.
3Into the Darkness: This Warlord attacks
shortly before Nightfall to amplify the fear in his opponents' hearts.

Night Fighting will come into effect on turn four and all subsequent turns.
Don't roll for Night Fighting at the start of the game.
6Piercing the Veil: This Warlord uses his inspiring
presence and maybe a tiny threat of unimaginable pain to whip his
companions into a fearless state that allows them to charge blindly.

The Warlord and all friendly units arriving from Reserves through a
Web Way Portal during the same turn can charge after arriving, but
strike at Initiative 1.

Coven Traits
If your Warlord is Urien Rakarth, a Haemonculus or Haemonculus Ancient use this table.
D6Warlord Trait
1Abomination: This Warlord changed his body
over and over again to give himself the most frightening appearence.

The Warlord has the Fear special rule.
4Pain Amplifiers: This Warlord supplies his
companions with advanced pain amplifiers, that force them
into a frenzy on the slightest touch.

The unit the Warlord joins during deployment has the
Rage special rule.
2Toxic Spores: This Warlord utilises a cloud
of choking and stinging poison spores to hinder his enemies

The Warlord and his unit count as being equipped with defensive
5Mending Flesh: This Warlord used his obscure
experiments to make his body rgenerate.

The Warlord has the It will not Die special rule.
3Pain of a thousand Worlds: This Warlord is a
master of the subtle symphonies pain plays on Dark Eldar nerves.

All units with the Altered Physique special rule gain the Rampage
special rule, once they have 4 or more Pain Tokens.
6Puppet Master: This Warlord specializes in arcane
techniques to force fallen opponents into his service.

Every time the Warlord kills an enemy model in close combat, roll
a D6. If you roll higher than the current number of models in the
Warlord's unit, add a Wrack to the unit. Place this wrack, where the
killed model was removed.

Yeah, I know three tables is maybe a little bit over the top and some of the Traits are very strong, but one can always dream!

Special Traits
If your Warlord is Kheradruakh use this table.
D6Warlord Trait
1-6The Perfect Skull: This Warlord has been on the hunt for skulls for countless millennia. Now the time has come to hunt a last time.
At the beginning of the game roll 6D6. If all these dice show the same face immediately put Kheradruakh in Base to Base contact with his Hunter of Heads target and Issue a challenge, your opponent has to accept. If Kheradruakh wins this fight the universe as we know it ceases to exist. You automatically win the game!
Do the happy dance now. Cackle maniacally, if you want. Your opponent is obliged to buy you a beverage of your choosing.


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Fri Dec 28 2012, 07:55

^Thats pretty awesome and fluffy rules you got there.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Fri Jan 18 2013, 00:01

I thought I'd have a little crack at this hopefully still relevant idea, now that a couple of new codexes are out and both have their own Warlord traits included. Have tried to include a facet of dark eldar warfare in each result, and mix in personal, strategic and tactical traits.

Anyway see what you think:

1.Slaver. For every unit the Warlord or his unit destroy in a sweeping advance they gain +1 VP.
2.Narcotics Specialist. You may choose the result you want from the combat drugs table without rolling.
3.Darkness Falls. You must use the Night Fight rules for game turn 1.
4.Master of Rage. While the Warlord or his unit have at least two pain tokens, then he and his unit gain the Rage special rule, in addition to the normal pain token effects.
5.Twisted Poisoner. The Warlord and his unit's weapons with the Poison special rule also have the Pinning & Blind special rules.
6.Gladiator. The Warlord’s melee attacks have the Rending special rule when he is in a challenge.

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John M
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John M

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Sun Mar 17 2013, 22:07

Wow some really cool idea, must use soe with my friends
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   Mon Mar 18 2013, 00:56

Please try not to post in threads that have been dormant for more than a month. Further violation in the No Threadomancy rule will result in this thread being locked.
Thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar Warlord Traits   

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Dark Eldar Warlord Traits
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