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 Dark Eldar 2012, a year in review

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar 2012, a year in review   Fri Dec 21 2012, 23:45

Hello everyone, I thought it'd be nice to recap on this years Dark Eldar activity and reminisce on all the news and releases.

In mid January we were treated to the DE FAQ 1.1 for 5th which brought subtle changes, just a few rule clarifications. All was quiet for February aside from some rumours that apparently Phil Kelly was unhappy with the Court and Dais and would have changed them if he could, which led to much discussion.

March was an interesting month, it brought the infamous pancake edition, the 'leaked' 6th edition rulebook that seemed too good to be true. Perhaps we will never know what this really was, it has been almost proved a fake and if so, a good go. We got a treat from The Black Library in the form of Path of the Renegade by Andy Chambers, a fantastic novel detailing the goings on of Commorragh with a rich cast and great story.

April was pretty dry aside from an interesting report about the Forge World Open Day by Sorrowshard where there was some definite enthusiasm for Dark Eldar projects but nothing currently in the works at that time. May brought forth the announcement of upcoming price changes with a lot of our larger plastic kits seeing a significant increase.

Everything changed in June with the release of 6th. Hull Points and Allies, Fortifications and pre measuring were just some of the huge changes to 40k which rocked the game. Dark Eldar definitely changed and I feel we're still working towards our pinnacle in 6th; we're not as bad off as everyone seems to think though.

Drazhar, the Vect prisoners, Beastmasters and Beasts were Finecasted in July with an increase on all (yet a decrease on the Khymerae!). The_Burning_Eye brought us a great report from the Dark Eldar Seminar at the 40k Open Day in August as everyone else was getting stuck deeper into a summer of 6th.

September saw the release of The Soul Reaver, a supplement for Fantasy Flight Games' Rogue Trader RPG. It's a fantastic book that I'd recommend to anyone who's serious about their Dark Eldar, an RPG fan or wants to read a bit more about the DE.

And that guys and girls was that, our year pretty much stopped there as there has been nothing of note in the past three months (unless you really wanted to count that awful Chapterhouse not-Haemonculus). I hope you've enjoyed this little recap, I'd like to hear what you think of the past year and what you enjoyed the most.



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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar 2012, a year in review   Sat Dec 22 2012, 01:18

We also have a campaign book with arena games for us to watch, enjoy and occasionally step into the arena ourselves and show the lesser races how its done ...
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar 2012, a year in review   Sat Dec 22 2012, 12:25

Good summary. But you missed the most important part, TDC had a massive makeover, can't even remember what it looked like before! Razz

Bellow is an interesting topic posted by the "author" of the pancake edition for those who are interested. Whether he is or not, he certainly knows his stuff about game design and development.

Review of 6th Edition

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar 2012, a year in review   

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Dark Eldar 2012, a year in review
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