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 1000 points of Pretty ladies and shooty troops

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PostSubject: 1000 points of Pretty ladies and shooty troops   Tue Dec 18 2012, 04:10

My FLGS is going to be restarting its escalation league in next week and I wanted to work out a competitive list to start the league off right. I mostly face Orks, Necrons, guard and MEQ armies. Let me know what I can do to improve this.


The Duke

x2 Heamonculi w/ liquefier and venom blade

x2 9 Wyches (Raider w/ Nightshield and Flickerfield)
-Shardnet, Hexatrix w/ Venom blade

18 Kalabites W/ Blaster and Splinter cannon

1 Ravager w/ 3 Dark Lances, Nightsield and Flickerfield)

I'm planning to put the Duke with the Kabalites and deploy them in cover to either hold an objective or move up on infantry blobs and sieze objectives. I'm putting the two Heamonculi with the Wyches. They should be able to bog down and kill non-HQ units, and their Strength 8 plasma grenades should be able to take out any vehicles in a pinch. The Ravager would hang back and target the big threats on the field. What do you guys think?
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1000 points of Pretty ladies and shooty troops
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