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 Haemonculus with a Mindphase Gauntlet?

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PostSubject: Haemonculus with a Mindphase Gauntlet?   Wed Nov 28 2012, 19:50

So I'm furthering my theoretical experimentation with a "coven" list, as I've seen them called, and I at first thought, a Haemonculus Ancient seemed like a great platform for the Mindphase Gauntlet as a means to bog down some MCs or ICs. But when reading the FAQ, I realised that their Initiative value isn't too great, and at best an Ancient would be able to take out MEQs and GEQ ICs. Of course this is strictly situational to the your opponent. What are your thoughts on this??
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PostSubject: Re: Haemonculus with a Mindphase Gauntlet?   Wed Nov 28 2012, 19:55

Ony haemy ancient can use to any effect, due to I5, even then not on all ICs, most have higher then normal I.

So this is like, pay 9+ points for weapon to bog down some sergeant. Dont know, MCs dont need speacial treatment in our army, we counter them by taking Dark Eldar.

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PostSubject: Re: Haemonculus with a Mindphase Gauntlet?   Wed Nov 28 2012, 20:11

Yeah I kind of had that feeling too. And then looking at what other models could take it, I saw that such a weapon with so much potential was practically nerfed Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Haemonculus with a Mindphase Gauntlet?   Thu Nov 29 2012, 10:13

If only a Succubus could take one, and lay out "You can't touch this" pimp slaps... Basketball

Unfortunately as it stands it doesn't even affect sergeants, as its entry specifies only Independent Characters or Monstrous Creatures.

Perhaps if you knew you were going to face an Ork Warboss, or HQs armed with powerfists or axes?

Come to think of it, if you were deadset on taking one:

Haemonculus Ancient (120pts)
Mindphase guantlet, Power Maul, Vexanthrope

The power maul gives him a chance to bash a higher initiative opponent down to I1, and then next round he slaps him stupid with the mindphase. The Vexanthrope gives him an extra chance to lose his attacks, particularly in a challenge.

I don't think its a good use of points, but it might be fun with a torment launcher nearby.


So if you happened to come across a S4 (base) Ld 9 (because of torment launchers) IC with an Unwieldy weapon like a power fist or thunder hammer, say Lysander, the Ancient above would have 69.5% chance of preventing him from attacking, or 76.3% if he charges. That figure includes the possibility of the Vexanthrope going off, though its contribution is relatively minor.

On the other hand, if Lysander gets to swing he has a 91.2% chance to squit the annoying haemonculus and move on with his life. So while it might be funny for a couple of turns (especially if he has some kind of terminator bodyguard standing and watching while he is trapped in a challenge), prepare to be paste before your flimsy S3 attacks scratch his paint.
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PostSubject: Re: Haemonculus with a Mindphase Gauntlet?   

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Haemonculus with a Mindphase Gauntlet?
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