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 T shirts

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Tony Spectacular
Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: T shirts   Sun Nov 11 2012, 21:22

I saw on some tournament thread that someone was lamenting the lack of TDC shirts. It so happens that some of my best friends run a print shop. Would there be interest in our placing a T shirt order for wearing to FLGS or tournaments (or even out into the real world among the mon-keigh)? I could probably get the setup cost waived and there would be minimal markup. Probably less than $10/ shirt, though shipping would have to be at actual cost. I'll even pony up the money to give whoever comes up with the best design (by poll) a free shirt. What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: T shirts   Mon Nov 12 2012, 00:07

If the design was done well enough then I would buy one.

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Baron Tordeck
The Helfather

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PostSubject: Re: T shirts   Mon Nov 12 2012, 00:44

T-shirts was one of the ideas mulled over for this years order (we did dice last time around). The poll for what to order will be put up shortly after the holiday season is over.


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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: T shirts   Sun Nov 18 2012, 13:23

good idea Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: T shirts   Sun Nov 18 2012, 15:55

if i liked it i'd buy one.

Dark Minion


-If limited life is God's decree, then I shall defy it!!!
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: T shirts   Mon Nov 19 2012, 09:36

If overseas shipping costs would be reasonable I'd be in.
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Lady Malys
She Who Must Be Obeyed

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PostSubject: Re: T shirts   Thu Nov 22 2012, 19:21

Likewise, if I could budget for it - can't have too many dark tshirts and this one would be unique Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: T shirts   

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T shirts
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