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 Fixing cheese of challenges

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PostSubject: Fixing cheese of challenges   Sat Nov 10 2012, 14:08

The challenges in 40k as far as I have seen is often used to merely prevent an enemy character from attacking your unit. If Mephiston for example charges a unit of kabbalites, then you just have a Sybarite challenge him so that he stays stuck in the combat. This is feeling similar to the wound allocation rules in 5th: not realistic and cheesy. Would a Guardsman sergeant for example challenge Abaddon for example when they met on the battlefield? Maybe an extremely couragous one would, but otherwise no...

In order to fix this, my mates and I have thought of a house-rule that fixes this:

"After a challenger has been nominated, that challenger has to take a morale check. If it succeeds then a challengee may accept the challenge. If it fails then the challenger has not succeeded in issuing the challenge, and may not challenge issue another challenge for the rest of the turn. A character that has to issue and accept challenges automatically passes this test"

In this way characters with low leadership cannot always keep powerful characters locked in combat, and makes the Champion of Chaos less painful for Chaos players.
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PostSubject: Re: Fixing cheese of challenges   Sun Nov 11 2012, 02:39

I agree that challenges are generally being used to draw out combat for more turns to get into better position.

That seems a pretty decent way of keeping the balance

The flip side is it looks totally awesome when your measly sergeant steps up and beats down a chaos lord Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Fixing cheese of challenges   Sun Nov 11 2012, 04:44

To be honest, this fix is not needed IMO, as the champion of chaos rule is balanced by the boon table and to me, it's perfectly fluffy to have chaos heroes challenge.

The guardsman my not accept so much as be pushed by his comrades or be stricken with fear so that his mates all step back when the challenge is called.

It's a good, strategy as well!

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PostSubject: Re: Fixing cheese of challenges   Mon Nov 12 2012, 08:02

personally I like the ability to have a chump sargie take all the attacks from some tooled up character. Its an interesting dynamic that actually makes taking sargies sometimes worth it, take the archon + incubi. The klaivex is now an interesting choice because then it allows the archon to go all out on the squad.

As for the change. Its actually pretty interesting, sadly I dont like random stuff, so I actually disaprove. The more chance of having stuff fail, even if its a small chance, for really no reason, I dont like it (dont even ask me for my thoughts on random charge distance...)

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PostSubject: Re: Fixing cheese of challenges   Mon Nov 12 2012, 08:36

I have to agree with Shadow and Massean I find the new challenge mechanic really good. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Fixing cheese of challenges   

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Fixing cheese of challenges
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