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 Grotesques liquifiers number per squad?

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PostSubject: Grotesques liquifiers number per squad?   Fri Nov 09 2012, 05:35

How many liquifier guns can grotesques have per squad?

I.E. Wracks can have 1 liquifier for every 5 wracks in a squad.

I see in the codex it just says one, but not in every 3 or 5 or whatever and I dont see a faq on it either. Is it just plain 1 in a squad no matter the size?

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Archon Farath Mure
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PostSubject: Re: Grotesques liquifiers number per squad?   Fri Nov 09 2012, 06:12

Only one liquifier per squad, unless the haemonculus has one.

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Grotesques liquifiers number per squad?
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