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 forge world models

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PostSubject: forge world models   Mon Oct 15 2012, 18:42

hi guys i am of to notingham in a few weeks and want to pick up one of the forgeworld models for dark eldar but am unsure wich to get as i dont no to much about them. Wich book has the stats and rules in for them is it 1 book or multipul 1s as i will perches it to read up and if you guys own any wich is your fav and why
thanks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: forge world models   Mon Oct 15 2012, 19:45

There are currently three FW models for Dark Eldar in 40K, the Raven Strike Fighter, the Tantalus heavy transport,and the Reaper heavy support with a haywire cannon.

The current rules for all three, which are valid for 6th edition of 40K, can be found in one book, Imperial Armour Apocalypse, Second Edition. The slightly newer Aeronautica book only contains the Raven fighter.

My personal opinion on them - I would go for a Tantalus as I think it is the best looking of the three, an outstanding model, and I would really love to be able to field one. However, it is also quite expensive, the most of the three by far.

The Reaper is not a bad choice for your army, but it does have limitations weapons-wise and it dies just as quickly as any of our other vehicles. It can be easily converted from a standard Raider.

The Raven is an older gen model and not at all attractive to me. It is also primarily an anti-infantry system, of which we already have plenty. Against other flyers and vehicles, I would rather field a GW Razorwing at this point. At least until FW comes out with a new model and/or rules for the Raven.
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PostSubject: Re: forge world models   Mon Oct 15 2012, 21:02

I'll echo the above. Frankly, if I was buying Forgeworld with DE in mind I'd probably look at a couple of the monsters to use as conversions for DE Apoc. Maybe get the Void Dragon to be a Voidraven? I've seen it done and it can be really sweet looking.

The Tantalus is probably, by a massive margin, the most attractive true DE piece though.


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PostSubject: Re: forge world models   Mon Oct 15 2012, 23:03

I have the Reaper and the Raven so I will only comment on those:

The Raven does have the older look, but I quite like that so if you do too, that's no issue. As for rules, well it's a bit of a mix - the Splinter weapon gives a load of rolls - 10 dice in fact which is great against infantry, but then it has 2 Dark Lances so it's not maximised for either AT or AI.

The Reaper is not a great kit - I had to spend hours straightening and filling damage on the sail and it's still not straight - in game terms it died very easily so I haven't really had much chance to use it.
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PostSubject: Re: forge world models   Tue Oct 16 2012, 10:09

thanks for the info guys i am going to buy the book to help me deside what will work with the type of list i like to play as for cosmetics i like the look of both the reaper and the tantalus i dont mind the raven fighter but for some reason it reminds me of something from a batman film no idea y it just dose
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PostSubject: Re: forge world models   

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forge world models
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