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 Air to air missiles for the Razorwing

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PostSubject: Air to air missiles for the Razorwing   Sat Sep 29 2012, 01:42

Hello there! With the introduction of flyers in sixth edition it seems silly that our Fighter doesn't have any AA missiles.
I propose the haywire AA Missile. Skyfire only with a range of 48 inches strength 4 with the haywire rule, but apply the haywire effect twice. The cost would simply be a straight exchange from monosythes and would only be for the razorwing not the voidraven.
Thoughts? Can you think of a different type of AA missile for our fighter?
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PostSubject: Re: Air to air missiles for the Razorwing   Sat Sep 29 2012, 07:38

I'd be content if our shatterfields can work on air targets.

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PostSubject: Re: Air to air missiles for the Razorwing   Thu Nov 01 2012, 06:02

Prehaps missiles that shatter into a material eating nanobot swarm on impact that rapidly eat away at the plane as a food source.

Range: 48 Strength: 6 AP: 4 Type: Assault 1,blast, missile, one shot, armourbane. ???

I can just think of the pilots screems in the canopy as he is slowly consumed in an agonisng way.

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Air to air missiles for the Razorwing
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