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 Quick questions

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PostSubject: Quick questions   Sun Sep 16 2012, 23:42

An elder player I am currently playing has Baron with a seer council. He cast fortune on the unit and insists the shadow field gets refills. I argued based on the new FAQ and that It's are considered units on their own but I can't find it.

Next thing is he is accepting challenges with normal warlocks as they are characters but I remember a unit of characters can't do that. Anyone know the page number by chance?

Any help would be appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Quick questions   Mon Sep 17 2012, 00:07

The Farseer can cast Fortune on any Eldar unit and the Seer Council is an Eldar Unit. If the Baron joins the council then he is considered part of the unit for all purposes so benefits from Fortune.

As for Warlocks answering challenges, AFAIK this is perfectly legal.


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PostSubject: Re: Quick questions   Mon Sep 17 2012, 03:32

Yep, as above. All the FAQ did was clarify you can't cast powers specifying Eldar units on dark eldar units. Adding a shadowfield character to an eldar unit and then adding fortune is fine.

Warlocks are indeed characters (much like sergeants in marine units) and so can accept and declare challenges fine

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PostSubject: Re: Quick questions   

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Quick questions
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