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 Who has a question for Andy Chambers?

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PostSubject: Who has a question for Andy Chambers?   Sat Sep 08 2012, 00:33

My FLGS, Dropzone Games, is having its grand opening this weekend, and to celebrate has enlisted special guests. The star attraction is Andy Chambers, author of Path of the Renegade and Dust Warfare. In lieu of bringing in a book copy for him to sign (hard because I bought the ebook) I want to see if anyone has any hard questions for a Black Library author.

If you have a question, no matter the quality, I will do my best to get an answer out of him. If I'm really lucky I can try and get a 40K game out of him, but more likely I'll be playing with alien-powered Nazi tanks. Win-win either way, really.

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PostSubject: Re: Who has a question for Andy Chambers?   Sat Sep 08 2012, 01:10

Why are 70% of the dark eldar special rules being ignored in 6th ed, due to all the armies getting the rules under custom rules, and we are told to ingore our ability to be the fastest army in the 40k univers. Of course he may not be the best person to ask this, but this is the one question that is being a thorn in my side.

Enfernux, please speak English to the best of your ability. Using chat/leet speak is not allowed. Cheers, Cavash.


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Who has a question for Andy Chambers?
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