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 Garfy's Dark Eldar

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PostSubject: Re: Garfy's Dark Eldar    Wed Aug 10 2011, 22:52

@Kinnay wrote:
Amazing! Simple yet convincing color scheme. Very nice indeed!
May I ask how you did the base? Those rock thingies, I've been trying to make some of those for my bases, but I can't seem to find material for that. Is it cork?

It's slate. It has a nice sharp jagged look to it, especially when mounted at the angles I've done it. They remind me of rock like blades pushed out of the ground.

You can get slate from Garden Centres.

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PostSubject: Re: Garfy's Dark Eldar    Wed Aug 10 2011, 23:07

I've been looking forward to you doing a Razorwing. I will be using yours and GARs vehicles as templates for highlighting when airbrushing, good work.


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PostSubject: Re: Garfy's Dark Eldar    Thu Aug 11 2011, 14:46

OK, so now that I have had a chance to recover from the initial awesomeness.

My thoughts.

I am really digging this. it is extremely well done and the color selection is very good, model and base.

My critique is that on the most extreme edges, tips and corners, might benefit from a touch of Skull white. I think it could add a bit of sharpness to those edges. it might also be the pictures, sometimes they don't capture everything.

Also, the detail work, the light blue detail on the wings, could use a little highlight or shade. It seems just a base color.

Now this of course a bit of nit picking,as the model is extremely well executed and utterly gorgeous.

This is shapping up to be one of the most beautiful DE armies I have ever seen and want to offer a few minor comments to ensure you get best painted at every tourny you go to.

Well except for the ones I go to of course. No
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PostSubject: Re: Garfy's Dark Eldar    

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Garfy's Dark Eldar
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