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 the Predator's Alliance

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this is just a first draft of my fluff, I just want to see what people think of my basic ideas. It's sort of in the organization style of an Index Xenos, but it is a bit modified. by the way sorry about the double posts but I'm not sure how much can fit in one post.

Physical charictarisitcs and founding
The roots of the Venomed Eye lie in the war of sun and moon, and the razorwing ace hero of the noble houses Agreth the venom eyes. After the war Agreth and his squadron couldn’t return to normal civilian life. The thrill they felt hunting in their jets couldn’t compare to mundane pleasures anymore. seeking to salve the boredom of the noble house’s decadence they became bounty hunters, and they weren’t the only ones. With the noble houses weakened by the war mercenary business was booming, it just needed someone to organize it. Agreth would have turned to his father the archon for organization of possible profitable ventures, but his decision to become a bounty hunter saw him cast out for doing a “plebe’s job”. He would have to organize the industry himself, and it needed organization. Often a mercenary had no way to make sure they were paid after a job was done, some were even handed over by their employers to the people they’d been employed to eliminate. Agreth began using his status as a war hero to win mercenaries over to his side, soon he had a veritable army at his back demanding fair treatment for mercenaries marching under the banner of the purple eye. The noble houses couldn’t allow any subversives when their power was so frail, so they attacked the marchers and threw Agreth in prison until he “saw the error of his ways”. That would prove to be dangerous indeed. There was another man in Agreth’s cell by the name of Vect. With nothing to do the two prisoners shared ideas, Agreth of workers standing together to ensure a fair deal, and Vect of his meritocracy called the Kabalite System. after a while they realized their ideas coincided, a kabal could serve as protection and support for an industry. Agreth joined Vect then and there, and Vect already knew how Agreth would fit into his plans. When the pair was released Vect informed him that he and his pilots would be needed soon, and that he should build a base of operations and prepare for battle. Agreth took that to mean that Vect had a master stroke planned. He was quick in regrouping his mercenaries and forming them into the Kabal of the Venomed Eye. The newly formed kabal marched on Agreth’s old house and took the entire spire in one night. Now they were ready for Vect’s master stroke. When Vect called upon the pilots of the Venomed Eye every space worthy fighter and bomber was launched to cripple the space marine craft Forgehammer, with Agreth himself knocking out the engines with a precise haywire missile to an exhaust port. After towing the craft back to Commorragh the venom eyes retired to celebrate and finally let someone else do the fighting and dying in the ensuing chaos. After the dust settled and Vect sat on the throne of the dark city, the venomed eye established itself as the premier mercenary orginzation in the dark city.
The Venomed eye prides itself on being a collection of individuals and aside from the requirement that members sport purple armor and a green helmet while working, the Kabal is extremely inclusive and diverse. Members are accepted from anywhere in Commorragh, even some from beyond. all that is required is that full members be martially inclined and willing to be judged based on the Kabal’s kill point ranking system.

The base of operations of the Venomed Eye is a spire on the edge of high Commorragh, called the Hunter’s Home by most of the dark city, the shape of the building is that of a hollow tube with practice yards and target ranges at the bottom as well as vehicle garages in an adjoined building. Situated next to the Hunter’s Home is the arena of the sinister blade, and below both of those is the coven of the liquefiers. The three groups make up the alliance of the predators, essentially functioning as one organism. Outside high Commorragh adjacent to the complex stands port flayer, named after Agreth’s personal razorwing.
Hunter’s Home
Hunter’s Home is organized based on a vertical ranking system, the archon is at the top of the spire, with his family living the floor below him (although in practice the Archon and his family dwell in both floors). Below them are the liutenants and scorekeepers. In the middle is the only floor allowed to be visited by non-members: the registry. The registry is where the public goes to post bounties. The process is quite simple, walk into the Huntsmaster’s office and give the name and appearance of the person wanted, then tell them what you’re willing to pay and what condition you want them in, then fork over the souls you’re willing to pay. The huntsmaster takes your souls and puts them in trust to be paid once the bounty is redeemed. He then assigns a kill point worth to the target for any member of the kabal that wants to chase your bounty (more on that later). If no one claims your bounty in a certain amount of time, you are able to reclaim your souls or allow the bounty to stand for another waiting period. It is also at the huntsmaster’s office that you can hire mercenary units associated with the kabal from the Mercenary Market. Many members of the Venomed Eye form units of friends and companions, who place themselves on the mercenary market. Prices are variable and as a unit gains power and experience their going rate goes up. the market also sees to the hiring of reputable alien mercenaries, however they often require specialist currency, souls simply won’t do for them. Finally the registry also plays host to the Slaughtered Grox Bar, a tavern where it is rumored Agreth and Vect once met regularly at. On the far wall of the bar is the bounty terminal, where all the current bounties available to non kabal members can be viewed. The ancient bartender sniglas was a member of Agresh’s original squadron during the war of sun and moon, and he likes to tell a story about how when Vect was here after the coup he remarked how the bounty on him was only a thousand souls. According to the story Agresh responded that the poster hadn’t been changed since Patrician Archon Yllithian posted it, and they only allow one bounty per target. Weather this story is true or not, there is an old posing with a reward of one thousand souls at the terminal for the head of Vect. This has inspired a saying among the bounty hunters of the dark city “to go after the bounty on Vect” which is used as a retort to an incredibly stupid idea that is not worth the trouble.
Farther down the tower are the domains of the common kabalite, most are usually working and only return to their habs when they need a safehouse after a job gone wrong, or to sleep. Jutting out from the tower like an anthill next to a tree is the vehicle garage, this is where the kabal stores and does maintenance on its arsenal of hovercraft and planes. In between the garage and the spire proper is the weapons depot, where kabalites can borrow specialty weapons to suit whatever task they have at hand.

The sinister blade arena
On the opposite side as the garage sits what looks to be a lush park overgrown with purple foliage and surrounded by a metal wall, but this is no park this is the arena of the sinister blade. The sinister blade wych cult specializes in savagery and embraces what they call their “inner predator”. Only the most experienced wyches are ever allowed onto the arena floor, only they have mastered their inner predator through the hunt. The hunt is undertaken by junior wyches in cooperation with the bounty hunters of the Venomed eye. The hunters do it for the cash, the wyches for the experience, both reap the kill points they need to move up in rank. Due to their close ties with the menfolk of the Venomed Eye the sinister blade has no need for male members, all members are female. Their dormitories are also in the Venomed Eye’s spire, with accommodations based on rank. With the help of the liquefiers the sinister blade was able to obtain the canis helix from the coven that stole it, allowing them to put on their signature attraction: the beast hunts. Many experienced wyches in the sinister blade have been genetically modified to allow them to assume a half beast shape at will. while this is considered a sacrament to the wyches because it symbolizes the fusion of the self and the inner predator, most of them cannot control themselves in half beast form as their inner predator takes the wheel and they devolve into savages that only exist to rend and kill. This form plays a key role in the beast hunts, symbolizing the relationship between predator and prey the beast hunts consist of prisoners being dosed with genetic modifications from any number of the galaxy’s animals, turning them into half-man half-beasts ruled by instinct. They are then sent out into the arena to run and hide in the lush vegetation. Then the wyches in beast from are released to hunt down and kill the prisoners using only their natural weapons like claws, fangs or venoms. Spectators follow their progress via floating bleachers that hover over a particular wych as she hunts. The show is very popular with the gore loving Plebs and those looking for something different, however more refined viewers and other wych cults view it as simple and uncouth turning the perfect form of the eldar into a savage beast.

The depths of the liquefiers
Beneath both the tower and the arena is the realm of the liquefier coven. The liquefier coven is not a large organization, the chief ancient of the coven sees that the tests required for entry pass only the best, which means so far that the coven is made up of only three hemonculus: the chief ancient Cernae the flesh molder, his former master the metal encased man known only as Deckard, and Carnae’s daughter Tiareth. All other who’ve attempted the tests have had their minds broken by them and were turned into wracks. The specialty of the coven is the programmable genetic material called Slurry (more on that later) as well as other genetic engineering work. The depths themselves form a hub and spokes design with a large central room where victim are tortured by auto-torture devices for rejuvenation. When the victim eventually expires the wracks drag the corpses to a grinder where they are turned into raw slurry. The main slurry tank is stored directly under the main torture room and four pumps lead it to the four laboratories in the depths, one for each hemonculus and one for clients wanting genetic modification. due to their ability with genetic modification many other archons have requested the services of the liquefiers primarily to create their scourges, this has meant that the fourth lab has had to be expanded to accommodate so many requests, and with the expansion the wracks are overworked and unable to both feed the grinder promptly and attend to clients. Carnae fells there is likely a recruiting drive in the coven’s future, and he’s none too particular about where he gets them.

Port Flayer
Just outside high Commorragh next to hunter’s home is an average sized spaceport surrounded by a sprawl of slums, this is port flayer named after Agreth’s razorwing, and in addition to housing the seven warships that make up the alliance’s fleet the port also boast booming trade with aliens eager to buy and sell goods found nowhere else, and who care little about their safety. For the right price you can often obtain an imperial capitol ship, a favorite among rogue traders with loser definitions of morality. After mercenary work the selling of ships taken in raids is the kabal’s biggest moneymaker, thanks to their haywire gas missiles. The slums around the port play host to alien mercenaries who while not kabal members are associated to the Venomed Eye through the mercenary market, and have made their bases in run down looking buildings near the port. In truth these hideouts are heavily fortified, but that is rarely needed as the kablaites make sure to maintain the peace, wouldn’t want assets killing each other would you?

In the Predator’s alliance there are three types of combat: hunting in Commorragh, mercenary work, and raids. The first two are generally solo or small group activities, however given local access to the nearby port flayer the alliance has a number of raids planed at any one time. Generally raids are launched at night if possible from low orbit and are proceeded by the dropping of a floating structure called a mobile processing unit, a mobile factory type contraption that determines where a captive will be sent. The strong are sent to the arena, the dexterous to the weapons and ammunition factories beneath the coven’s depths, all others are sold after the coven takes their cut. Combat by the Kabal is dictated by Agreth’s book the super warrior codex which guides how certain weapons and vehicles are to be used. In general the kabalites favor attacking at range with poisoned weapons, while the wyches like to get in close and let their inner predator out, and the hemonculus can go either way. Raiders are the most common vehicles used in a raid as they have ample room for loot. Venoms are generally used to neutralized defenses before corralling escaping victims towards the raiders. Being as Agreth was a flyboy himself almost every raid is accompanied by close air support piloted by officers. Tactics for raids are fairly standard: strike fast, strike hard, be gone before the sun rises. It’s in bounty hunting that the alliance has more developed tactics.
Bounty hunting
Most members of the alliance are trained from birth to be the best bounty hunters in the dark city, after all the sigil of the venomed eye is a mark of quality when it comes to mercenaries, that reputation must be maintained. As well as pursuing targets in Commorragh some of the more experienced hunters will sometimes be called to chase a target outside the webway, and for that every hunter C class or above must possess a soulstone to take missions in realspace. the kabal will provide one for hunters A class and above, but many wish to take lucrative realspace bounties beforehand, so they find ways to obtain one through a variety of means. Often realspace bounties are the petty vengeances of archons who want to do in an alien rival. Once in a while the list of bounties grows much too long, that means it’s time for the Great Hunt to prune the list down. The great hunt is a competition to see who is the best bounty hunter in the dark city, and it’s open to any member of the predator’s alliance, as well and any other hunters given patronage by another archon. The competition is divided into rounds, and the competitors divided into squads, often the same squads found on the mercenary market, as well as squads made up of the hunters of rival archons. In each round a squad must locate and dispose of a target before the other squad does. Whoever returns first with proof of death moves on to the next round. As the rounds get higher the target’s kill points go up, and the competition get harder. When there is only one squad left, they’ve won and if they are a member of the predator’s alliance (and they always are) they are imidetly ranked up to huntsmasters or lieutenant if they were already higher than huntsmaster. There is a special reason for the great hunt other than pruning the bounty list, winners become members of an elite group who are the only ones allowed to access the highest level bounties: the blacklist. Blacklist bounties are decided by the archon himself and at least one B class or above hunter must have died in a previous attempt to warrant a black listing as well as other circumstances. There is another prize for anyone who wins three great hunts: he earns the right to venom eyes, the purple eyes that the archon’s family is known for. only one with venom eyes can become archon, and the eyes are genetic, a three time great hunt winner earns his descendants high status in the kabal, possibly even becoming archon one day. This has only happened once: the current archon and his childhood friend Disilius Loksnel won three great hunts. The first two with their mentor sniglas and the last one with the rogue vindicare assassin LD1179, however a few weeks after gaining his venom eyes Disilius was killed at a celebration of their victory by an ordo assinatorum kill team out to kill LD1179 and anyone he came into contact with. In order to make it look like a kabal hit the assassins used glass plague tipped bullets, ensuring permanent death to any of their kills. Disilius had no children, so his venom eyes were never passed on.
The predator’s alliance officially maintains its neutrality in the wars between kabals, providing services to all sides. They claim to be a mercantile organization only using the organization structure of a kabal to ensure the safety and fair treatment of their members. However it does seem to charge kabals that were once noble houses a bit more for its services, and charge the vassals of the black heart a bit less. The archon has no comment on this matter.

The Predator’s alliance has three main unique technological inovations that see regular use: haywire gas missiles, slurry, and gene coded ammunition.
Haywire gas missiles
After witnessing the carnage caused during boarding attempts during vect’s coup, Agreth believed there had to be a better way to take a ship. Haywire missiles would knock out power to a ship, but the crew still had to be neutralized. After examining captured imperial ships he realized a key flaw, the same one he had used to knock out the forgehammer’s engines. The exhaust vent he had hit led right to the ship’s plasma generator. He had his artificers examine the makeup of the plasma engines and found that with the right chemical not only could the engine be extinqueshed, but using the chemical properties of the engine combined with the proper catalyst could extinguish the plasma and create a toxic gas that would quickly spread throughout the ship, neutralizing the crew. He put his weapons developers to work and in the short space of a decade they had the first mass production haywire gas missile. The missiles are prohibitively expensive to arm every fighter craft in his fleet, so only two at a time are trusted to squadron leaders and experienced pilots. Generally one missile is enough to capture a cruiser, and two will knock out a battleship. With the implementation of the haywire gas missile a new side business has opened up for the alliance at port flayer: the sale of captured vessels at what imperials would consider rock bottom prices, but that the alliance considers overcharging (after all it’s just mon’kegh junk). This has been more profitable than it would have been to capture the ship the hard way and sell the crew as slaves once overhead and time spent is considered.

Slurry is the signature product of the liquefier coven. It is a primordial soup made up of rendered down organic matter that can be programed into any form imaginable. Almost anything can be made from slurry, grafts that heal like part of the subjects own body, clothes that seem to fuse with the wearer and change shape at a whim, germs and viruses of any kind, masquerade ball costumes that actually transform the wearer’s body, even entirely new organisms, and even more. The slurry has made the liquefiers very popular with want-to-be scourges, as unlike normal wing grafts slurry grafts are part of them down to their genetic code, and will heal using their body’s own immune system. even the adrenaline dispensers that must be refilled every now and again, slurry allows those to be replaced by natural adrenaline glands that secrete an unlimited supply. Continuing with the scourge example, normally a hemonculus must be present to hollow out each bone by hand, not so with the slurry. A soon to be scourge is simply suspended in a slurry tube and a scourge program is activated by a wrack, the slurry microscopically enters the body and re-writes the genetic structure of the subject while hollowing out their bones and changing their microscopic structure to a honeycomb lattice. Leaving the Hemonculus to work on more important things. Slurry is also popular with the sinister blade, as it allows them to have custom beasts created for whatever their arena needs.

Gene coded ammunition
While a simple piece of tech, the gene coders in every domicile of the predator’s alliance plays a key function in the social structure of the alliance: determining who killed what. the gene coder is a simple device a small box jutting out from the wall with a funnel on the top, and a place to insert ammo clips on the bottom. This is the reason the kabalites favor poisoned weapons. To gene code ammunition the kabalite simply inserts the clip of ammo they want to code into the bottom, then inserts their genetic material into the funnel (generally spit but blood will work as well). the machine takes their genetic code and applies it to the poison in each of their rounds. When a target is shot with a poisoned round from a gene coded weapon the poison spreading through their body carries the gene code of the warrior that shot them, allowing for confirmation of who killed the target upon presentation of proof of death, and the awarding of kill points. There are specialty gene coders located in the domiciles of the Sinister Blade that also allow knives and other close combat weapons to be gene coded, as well as ones for heavier weapons near the weapons depot.

Social structure
There are three things that determine a member’s rank in the Predator’s alliance: kill points, rank, and possession of the venom eyes.
Kill points
Kill points are a system used to determine rank in the alliance, outside specialists like hemonculus and great hunt winners, kill points determine rank. Kill points are earned by presenting proof of death to the huntsmaster for a bounty or for someone you killed. There is a series of tables determining the kill point value of a target, for example a basic kabalite is worth nine kill points, where as a space marine is worth around seventeen. When two members are the same rank kill points determine who is in charge. Also along with kill points gained from defeating enemies the killer is entitled to “keep what he kills” giving him looting rights to the body. There is one corollary to this rule: if you kill another kabalite who has rented equipment, you are now responsible for returning that equipment on time, and paying any necessary fines they may have incurred. For this reason it is unwise to kill another member for their weapon, as it is likely rented, and if asked any kabalite will say he rented his weapon even if he didn’t.
Rank in the kabal is determined by kill points, except in special cases like winners of the great hunt. all members start out as a grade E hunter, and proceed up the ranks until they reach grade A. from there they become officers starting with huntsmaster in charge of posting bounties and hiring mercenaries, then huntsmarshal in charge of leading raid divisions, then to lieutenant the advisors to the archon. Generally all lieutenants are winners of the great hunt, often the kill points earned in the competition are enough to propel them straight to lieutenant after their appointment to huntmaster. With increasing rank comes increasing privilege. Grade D class hunters are allowed to apply to become scourges, grade C hunters are allowed access to reaver jetbikes, and A class hunters are allowed to pilot fighters and bombers. Once a kabalite reaches officer status he is allowed to purchase his own personal vehicle, often a razorwing. There is one rank however that can’t be achieved by kill points: the title of archon, that requires the venom eyes.
The venom eyes
Agreth earned his nickname from the way he piloted his fighter. It was said that once he laid eyes on you, there might as well be venom coursing through your veins, because you were already dead. Agreth became so famous that impersonators started to appear, and he couldn’t allow that. He was already planning on modifying his eyes so that he could look in two places at once, but now he decided to get something a bit more visible. He contacted a hemonculus known as Decker to modify his eye color into a deep purple, and paid him handsomely to give him the only copy of the formula after its use. The genetic modification was a success, and Agreth was instantly recognizable wherever he went. The ability to focus in two places would lead to the venomeye family’s ability to expertly use two weapons at once, a signature style of the clan ever since. When Agreth founded the venomed eye he installed a special throne for himself a Siege Perilous gene coded to the venom eyes. Anyone who sat on the throne and didn’t have the same genetic eyes as Agreth would be instantly immolated by the throne, to ensure that no one would usurp his dominion. For this reason only those with the venom eyes can become archon. For the longest time it worked as a deterrent to coups, Agreth lived until the Mon’kegh’s M38 when the assassination team out to kill his son’s teammate LD1179 grazed him with a glass plague round. While it is a good system, there is a problem with the venom eyed archons that was made apparent a few years after Agreth’s death. His son the current archon Kanel was piloting his razorwing when it was shot down by scourges from the kabal of the white flame, angry over raised prices on mercenaries. All that was recovered was his left trigger finger. It would take almost a year for him to be rejuvenated, and in the meantime he had no present heirs. It was only due to sheer dumb luck and the drunken plan of a group of A class hunters that the kabal was saved (more on that in character bios).

Dramatis Personae of the Predator’s Alliance
Dramatis Personae of the Kabal of the Venomed Eye:
Archon Kanel Venomeye
Being the son of a hero of the war of sun and moon, Kanel had big shoes to fill, and he filled them. Working with a childhood friend Disilius Loksnel and mentored by Sniglas the barkeep he went on to win two great hunts in a row at the tender age of fifty and sixty three. a rising star on a meteoric ascent through the ranks many assumed Kanel wanted the title of archon as quickly as possible, but that was not true, Kanel loved the feel of the hunt, and wasn’t eager to give it up for sitting on the throne. He realized that to be archon was not to be the hunter but the prey. After their second victory in the great hunt Sniglas announced he was retiring from hunting, leaving the two without a required third man for the next hunt. luckily just as the next great hunt was announced the pair found their third man in an unusual way. During a realspace mission the pair was not informed that another assassin had been hired to eliminate the same target, and all three just happened to pick the same sniper’s nest. The third man was the mute rogue vindicare assassin LD1179, initially there was a scuffle as the vindicare attempted to subdue the pair believing them to be imperial agents on a false flag mission. When the mistake was sorted out the three decided to work together, timing their shots in perfect unison. They made three nice holes in the sector governor’s head just as he was about to sip his wine. The three worked so well together that even though LD1179 was a human, he had proved his worth and was welcome on the team. That was their most brutal great hunt yet, boasting zero live captures. Then in the celebratory raid on a rogue trader fleet they captured two prisoners that would become very important to the future of the kabal: Agatha Voidstar and Cora Celeus. Agatha was brought before Kanel on morning as a wake up pick me up, but what he didn’t know was that her childhood bodyguard was a former incubus who had taught her the dark eldar tongue. When he approached her with his knife she said his eyes were pretty in eldar. This confounded him, not only was she not afraid, she seemed to enjoy the dark city, something was different about this woman. Kanel’s curiosity got the better of him, he had to know why this woman would be like this, but he couldn’t let a human wander around the kabal, what would his father say? he quickly went to see Decker, he could be trusted and was knowledgeable in the ways of the mon’kegh. When he entered Decker’s lab Decker was talking to Cernae and a strange eldar woman wearing very mon’kegh clothes. He asked Decker what he should do and Decker told him he could change the woman physiologically into an eldar. He gave Kanel a syringe and when he injected the woman with it she painfully changed before his eyes from a mon’kegh into a beautiful eldar maiden. For the next few weeks he let her explore the dark city, and she took to it like she had lived there her whole life. Then one day at a party she did something strange, seeing a glare from a rifle scope she dove to shield Kanel with her body, taking a bullet to the chest. She was lucky, the glass plague in that bullet had leaked out and was no longer effective. She lived where the others succumbed to the glass plague. Now archon Kanel couldn’t figure out why she would do such a stupid thing. She told him she loved him, that she wanted to be his, and that she would do anything for him. Again he was puzzled, so again he went to see Decker. Decker was working on what looked like a half born with Cernae assisting. Decker explained that human love is how groups stay together, that it inspires loyalty between kin. Kanel had an idea right then: he was the archon, he was the prey, his lieutenants were the hunters, but if the hunters felt this love towards the prey they wouldn’t try to kill it. He arranged for the creation of two prototype half breeds between himself and the woman, a male and a female. When the time came that the half breeds were ready it was agreed that they should be spirited out of the dark city by the woman to give them a human upbringing so that they would feel this love. When they were ready they would return. In the meantime the woman and then her incubus bodyguard gave regular reports on their progress via webway channels, and Kanel was happy to tell the stories of his corsair children Malik and Alicia (in reality embellished stories of their rogue trader careers) all was going according to plan until a group of angry white flame scourges decided to shoot him down. With his temporary death the kabal was thrown into havoc as there was no proper claim to the throne, it would take a band of drunken A class hunters to restore order.

Malik Venomeye
Malik grew up being told his father was a cadian general, explaining his purple eyes. To all the world he, his twin sister and their childhood friend Tiareth looked like normal humans, maybe a bit more athletic, but normal. His mother was often away on some mission for the Voidstar dynasty, so he was left in the care of his mother’s former bodyguard the incubus Baelamar. He taught the three to speak eldar, as well as instructing them how to fight at every turn. Malik became a master at fighting with twin swords. When the twins were old enough they claimed their place in the Voidstar dynasty as rogue traders, piloting a cruiser that their mother had brought back after her first one was destroyed in a dark eldar raid they carved a swath across the sector as privateers attacking and plundering any xenos ship they could find. Bealamar watched their progress and as they grew more experienced their dark eldar nature took hold. They became obsessed with the thrill of the hunt, seeking bigger and bigger game to capture. After a tau merchant ship carrying a load of colonists surrendered on sight to the dreaded twins Bealamar recommended that they sell the captives at the port of lost souls, he figured it would be a good way for them to get their feet wet before dropping the dark eldar bomb on them. He showed them how to get there and the cruiser docked on a pier reserved for aliens. At the same time a group of A class hunters were enjoying a night of drinking at the slaughtered grox and debating which lieutenant they would back in the current power struggle. Then a merchant walked in complaining about how the going rate for tau slaves had just gone way down due to a couple of pirates named Malik and Alicia bringing over half a million into the port of lost souls. The hunter’s ears perked up, could it be, the Malik and Alicia? They must have the venom eyes, they’re the rightful rulers of the kabal. Deep in their cups they borrowed a wing of jetbikes and sped towards the port. Sitting in the corner a human was leaning his chair against the wall, a large rifle leaning next to him, he pulled out a communicator and texted a quick message before going back to his drink. Bealamar received a text message on his webway communicator to expect company from members of the Venomed eye, and that the twins needed to be presentable. Bealamar rushed to his quarters and retrieved three syringes full of a genetic modifier that would reverse the effect of the one they had been given to make them appear human. He ran to the bridge and without even warning them injected each of them with the syringes. They felt absolute agony as every cell in their body was rewritten into eldar form. In a few minutes it was over, and they looked at each other. Bealamar explained to them that their father wasn’t really a cadian, he was the archon of a kabal here in Commorragh, and that Tiareth’s father was his chief hemonculus. Something inside them had always known this and they accepted who and what they were rather well. Just then a group of screaming jetbikes plowed their way up the ship’s cargo ramp and began to harass the loading crew demanding to see Malik and Alicia. They were obliged, and when they saw Malik for the first time they thought he was the ghost of the archon returned to haunt them, they looked almost identical. When that was cleared up the booze addled hunters came up with a plan: Malik would impersonate his father until he was revived, keeping at bay the other kabals wanting to prey upon the seemed weakness of the Venomed Eye. Unlike most plans hatched under the influence of intoxicants this one worked, for half a year Malik was able to successfully impersonate his father, mostly due to those who knew the archon personally playing along, but what truly sold it was when Malik entered the throne room dressed in his father’s armor and walked with all the swagger of his office towards the throne before sitting down and removing his helmet, letting all gaze at his eyes. When the archon was finally revived he received quite a shock to walk into his throne room and see someone else sitting on his throne. That was when Malik revealed himself and abdicated the throne back to his father. Kanel took stock of his son’s work in his absence, and was pleased. He could only find one problem with his son’s rule: he had allowed the bounty list to grow too long, it was time for a great hunt.
With his duty done Bealamar found himself in the dark city once again, and felt the need to settle and old score. He returned to his old temple from which he had been cast out so long ago. The guards still remembered him, violently so. He drew his demi-klaives and dealt with them quickly. It was a pity they fell so easily, had his shrine fallen so much into weakness in the millennia he’d been gone. As he entered the temple alarms sounded and incubi rushed from every corner of the temple into the hallway where Bealamar stood. What followed proved how far the temple had fallen, and would forever be known as the massacre of the winnowing blade temple. At its end two days later forty six more of Bealamar’s outcast brothers had joined him from their places of hiding in the dark city. They had heard their leader had returned and rushed to join him in his fight. A mound of the weak stood at their feet and they had to maintain their balance as they proceeded farther into the temple. At the center of the temple sitting one a throne was the man they once called brother, the one who had cast them out for fear of their power, the hierarch. Bealamar challenged him to ritual single combat, and the others stopped him from running. The hierarch was dragged into the ritual circle and had to have a klaive forced into his hands. The battle was over in one stoke Bealamar joined his demi-klaives and cleaved through the hierarch’s pitiful attempt to block and chopped his head clean off. The hierarch had one his position by trickery, and now he had no tricks left to play. In the shadows a figure in ancient incubus armor watched the affair before leaving just as silently as he came. The temple was cleansed of its weakness, that’s all he cared about. After the massacre there wasn’t much of a temple left, only outcast incubi with no hierarch. It was decided that the winnowing blade was no more, and the forty seven left for the only place they could think of that would accept them: hunter’s home.

Dramatis personae of the sinister blade
Alicia Venomeye
Almost as soon as Alicia identified herself she was approached by the sinister blade with an offer to join them. They had heard the tales of her savage style of fighting with twin knives she called her “fangs” even how she used her hair to obscure the vision of her enemies before she struck. They offered her a place in the arena whenever she wanted, and with Malik in charge of the kabal and being unlikely to advance any farther in the kabal’s hierarchy Alicia found the offer very tempting. She accepted and was welcomed into the arena training grounds. The succubi explained to her the philosophy of the inner predator and how by genetic modification they fused with that inner predator. Then they sprung a surprise test on her, shifting into beast shape they let their instincts take over and attacked with the fury of rabid beasts. Alicia struggled to defend herself against two rabid beasts, drawing her knives quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid being scratched across the face. However there was a weakness to the two predators that stood before her: in their wild instinctive rage they only focused on attacking, they didn’t even try to block her attacks. Abandoning all faints and tricks Alicia waited for the two to lunge at her again, and they did in unison. She stabbed each of them in the heart mid lunge, killing both almost instantly. The junior wyches dragged their mistresses away, and the leader of the cult jumped down from where she had been observing the fight. Impressed with how Alicia defeated both succubi at once, she offered to have Alicia replace one of them. This was unheard of in the cult, a new member being granted the rank of succubus, but Alicia accepted the position and the anger of many of the junior wyches. There was one stipulation to the position though: she must receive the gene modification. seeing the mad beasts the sucubi became under the effects of the gene modification, she was hesitant, however she was forced at knifepoint to pay a visit along with the cult leader to the liquefier’s depths to see Cernae, an expert on gene modification. Alicia was shown a selection of modifications based on all kinds of creatures, and a prediction of what she would look like with each one. She finally decided on a feline modification, seeing as it reminded her of Tiareth’s pet Gyrinx, who she liked. Almost on cue a Gyrinx entered the lab followed by Tiareth wearing a more fashionable version of the traditional hemonculus lab coat. The two hadn’t seen each other since the port of lost souls, and they told each other about what had happened since then. Tiareth had become a full hemonculus after a test, and she joined her father Cernae at the controls of the genetic modifier. Alicia was suspended in a tube full of slurry as her DNA was rewritten to allow her to shift into beast form. As the modification was applied Alicia felt herself slipping away into the beast, and she didn’t like it. As she became feral she promised herself she would master her bestial instincts. When the slurry was drained the feral Alicia smashed her way out of the tube and attacked the cult leader, who also shifted into beast form. The two’s battle became a run and gun affair, one would ambush the other from the shadows, then slip away. This lasted for months and the coven found it amusing, however eventually they had enough of the two disrupting their operations and Deckard wrangled both of them and threw them in a room to settle their differences. There was the sound of a struggle for a few moments, then silence punctuated by the occasional roar. Three days later Alicia opened the door, she was still in beast form but she’d mastered her inner predator, she was herself again, and the cult leader was long dead on the floor. Alicia returned to the cult and claimed the right to keep what she killed, and anyone who opposed her could argue with her fangs both her literal ones and her knives. Since then Alicia has been the head of the cult of the sinister blade. A few days later her father was fully revived and announced a great hunt. she contacted Malik and Tiareth about competing, and they formed a team.

Dramatis personae of the Liquefiers
No one is quite sure how old Deckard is, or even what he is. When asked he claims he is mostly a cybernetic organism, with a biological central processor and control system. no one doubts he is cybernetic, he looks like a machine man, yet at the same time when he is cut he bleeds a white substance, so there is likely some biological parts. As far as his past Deckard claims at the current date 999 M41 to be over thirty seven millennia old, and that his name comes from a fictional story that resonated with his central processor. Whatever he is or even if he is a he, Deckard is a master of genetic manipulation older than commorragh. He was the master of Carnae who instilled in him the value of creation over destruction, that creating life is so much more important than destroying it. but he is pragmatic, he often instructs students on what he calls the first law of innovation: “a species cannot gain anything without giving up something in return, to obtain something of equal or greater value must be lost.” He claims he also got that from a fictional story. In many cases the thing being lost is the power of pain that would normally be used to sustain oneself, but sometimes there are other prices to pay. After Carnae became an outcast among the covens for his views on creation over distruction, Deckard put him into contact with an organization that sometimes employed him as a mercenary: the Venomed Eye Kabal. Deckard was instrumental in the creation of the three half breeds, bringing his knowledge of human genetics to the project. There is however one thing Deckard can’t stand: the adeptus mechanicus. Every time a senior magos is captured by the Alliance Deckard demands that they be part of the coven’s cut, he’ll even settle for a lowly “lead head” as he calls them. He delights in torturing tech priests personally, mocking their beliefs at every turn. Some have bowed down to him and called him the omnissia but when they do he makes sure to kick them in the gut. Perhaps his hatred comes from former association with the mechanicus or some precursor machine cult, but he’s not saying.

Carnae the flesh molder
Where Carnae came from is unknown, but he often speaks of how far he’s risen from his lowly birth. At some point he was trained in the art of flesh by Deckard, then outcast from the Covens for his focus on “creation over destruction” as he would put it. finding a place in Kabal known for its love of flight he quickly put his genetic skills to work building better scourges, then he met her Interrogator Cora Celeus, at first she was just another part of his cut from a raid, but she didn’t even seem to be phased by the tortures she endured, even giving instructions on how to improve them. As the days dragged on Carnae become more and more interested in this curiosity through a translator she explained she possessed a condition that made her unable to feel pain. Carnae wanted to know more, so he let the woman go and allowed her free reign over the depths, granted she let him study her occasionally. She walked around and asked what things were, Carnae was delighted to tell her. he had never had a human so intrigued by the art of pain. Soon they were comparing notes on torture techniques he had never thought to use, like electricity or a device he quite liked called the pear of anguish. She was his muse in his art, she would have a wild idea and he would see if it was possible. Then one day he realized she was his prized possession, but she was a human. He talked to her about this, and she proposed that she be turned into an eldar, at least in appearance and physiology. It was a brilliant plan, and he and Deckard got to work. In a few short hours they had the formula and injected her with it, she changed before their eyes into a raven haired dark eldar just as Kanel entered. He required the same thing for a woman that fascinated him, and he was given the formula before he slipped away into the shadows. All was well in the coven, but the good times wouldn’t last, a few weeks later Cora was killed by the glass plague and Carnae fell into depression with his muse gone. Then Deckard found Cora’s human DNA profile and had an idea: a genetically engineered child of Carnae and Cora could be his new muse, she would have the imagination of her mother and the genius of her father. That was the creation of Tiareth from the translated DNA of Cora. Soon Kanel was back and again they were on the same page, so Carnae created Malik and Alicia. It was agreed that for the children to have human psyches they needed to grow up among humans, so Carnae created a reverse of the original formula that made the children appear as normal humans before they were spirited away by Agatha. Carnae most recent works have been improving the rate of slurry to corpse ratio allowing the wracks to occasionally be tardy and having a corpse spoil and still having enough to satisfy his research and his customers.

Tiareth the dead eye
Whereas the twins specialized in close combat weapons Tiareth, who served as the arch militant onboard the twin’s cruiser specialized in rifles. With the great hunt looming she put aside her duties as a hemonculus and focused on her combat skills. She selected as her main weapon the hexrifle, due to her specialty with the glass plague and her attempts to cure her mother (who her father still keeps in the corner of his lab hoping one day for the same thing.) she also developed virulent toxins that Malik often coats his swords with and gives to his best warriors. Her crowning achievement was the creation of hyper-necrosis venom, which destroys the cell membranes of anything it comes into contact with, turning even the hardiest warrior into a pile of protoplasm seeping out of their armor. She keeps a dose of this in her fleshy backpack, a mass of extra organs and glands as well as two manipulator arms that unlike normal hemonculus backpacks can be removed for more formal occasions, or just to sleep on one’s back. She only uses it in the field where she functions as the team’s medic, using glands in the backpack to secrete combat drugs that can be injected to produce various effects. There was one problem with the great hunt: they had no clue how to navigate the dark city. Luckily the answer came to them one day at the Slaughtered Grox. They were sitting discussing what to do over drinks when seven incubi came in to check the bounty board, led by Bealamar. they were all former Klaivex cast out from the winnowing blade for the crime of becoming skilled enough to become a threat to the hierarch. Now they formed the leadership of the mercenary band that had become known as the forty seven incubi. Seeing his former charges Bealamar led his band to take a seat at the table next to the trio, the forty seven had also been making plans for the great hunt, each klaivex would take a squad of ten with the three most senior of them including Bealamar watching from the sidelines. Hearing that his former charges needed a guide Bealamar threw his hat into the ring and offered his services, he felt a certain paternal instinct to make sure the warriors he had forged with his own hand didn’t get themselves killed by making a wrong turn in the dark city. If they did all his years of training them would have been a waste. A human man sitting in the corner noticed how Tiareth mindlessly touched her rifle when her hands weren’t busy, a sign of a born marksman. The way she handled it was rough but then again so are diamonds when you first pull them out of the ground. The man got up from his chair and picked up the large rifle leaning against the wall next to him, he drew a pistol from his belt and crept up behind Tiareth, aiming the pistol at her head. She noticed him when he was about two meters away from her, she spun around and drew her pistol firing at the man, who swerved in time to dodge the shot. He lowered his pistol, she had passed his test. The man said nothing, but gestured to a tattoo on his arm that read LD1179. The bartender translated the motions the man made into eldar. He told them he wanted to instruct the young markswoman on the proper way to handle a gun, a mentor if you will. the trio had become a star studded quintet, however Bealamar and LD1179 refused to assist the trio in combat, they were merely support personnel. However under the leadership of the two the trio of half-breeds made a remarkable great hunt debut, making it to the final round with zero live captures, a remarkable feat considering the rules had been amended to require surrenders to be taken alive. In the finals they faced the farthest reaching team from another kabal the pyre makers from the Kabal of the White Flame, the group of scourges who shot down Archon Venomeye over a year ago. There was bad blood between the two teams, and while the rules say not to engage other hunters if it can be helped, everyone belived that only one of the teams was making it out alive. The target for the final round was inquisitor Simon Parish, who had declared a vendetta against the Venomed Eye and Archon Venomeye in particular. The bounty specificly stated he was to be brought in alive. The half-breeds were in luck, the inquisitor was hosting a masquerade ball at his estate on Gidon Prime, their homeworld. The Voidstars had even received an invitation. More luck, the theme for the masquerade was “the horrific xenos” allowing the three to bring their gear without arousing suspicion. Everything went according to plan, Alicia used her powers of seduction to lure the inquisitor out onto a balcony alone, then Tiareth and Malik arrived in a venom and shot the inquisitor with a special knockout dart made for his slender hawkish frame. The inquisitor was out like a light and he was loaded onto the venom. As they sped away they wondered why the Pyre Makers hadn’t made their move yet. Then the alarms began to sound as the Pyre Makers made their entrance in a fiery explosion. They chased the venom and soon they were also being chased by the hive guards in hovercraft. The guards and the scourges were focusing their fire on the venom, and with all the weapons facing forward the trio couldn’t fire back except with Tiareth’s hexrifle and Malik’s blaster pistol. The scourges got a lucky shot on the venom and it went screaming down into the hive’s parade boulevard. It looked like the end for the three, but they were about to witness a Venomed Eye legend come to life. As the scourges and the guards fought each other in the air it looked like the scourges with their haywire blasters would win the day. The guards were shot down, but before the scourges could turn their attention to the trio a webway portal opened behind the venom and a spectral razorwing that any experienced member of the kabal would tell you was the legendary Flayer screamed out. The splinter rifles on Flayer cut the scourges to ribbons as the trio escaped with their prize. Turning in the inquisitor the trio had won the great hunt and were quickly ushered to the awards ceremony. The entire kabal was present in the drill yards to cheer that once again the Venomed Eye had produced the best bounty hunters in Commorragh. There was only one strange thing: the archon wasn’t present for the ceremony, and no one had seen him for a little while. The team celebrated afterwards at the Slaughtered Grox, and they asked Siniglas about the razorwing. He told them that what they saw some say is the ghost of Agrath Venomeye, who comes to seek revenge when someone does his Kabal or especially his family harm. They were lucky to see him. In recent years Tiareth has been seen spending a lot of time with Malik, and it is widely rumored that she will be his one and only consort, as is Venomeye unofficial tradition. Whatever the case is the two seem to enjoy each other’s company.

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ops, my bad, noob mistake.

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What I like about writing, is loads and loads of *paragraphs*...

On the other hand, every free initiative is good initiative!

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Like I said it's a first draft, meant to crystallize my ideas and see what people think about them. My editor is currently busy so I've had to make due, so for now please ignore my terrible grammar. The written word doesn't come easy to me.

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the Predator's Alliance
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