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 Combat Drugs Hypex change

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PostSubject: Combat Drugs Hypex change   Tue Aug 07 2012, 15:07

With the changes to fleet Hypex is now useless for wyches and it has always been useless for reavers.

What if Hypex increased the charge range of the model by 1"(seeing as there is a precedence for this in the rule book, one of the warlord traits does this).


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PostSubject: Re: Combat Drugs Hypex change   Tue Aug 07 2012, 17:07

yeah major fail not to change that in the FAQs, I was talking with my mates the other day about it when I rolled it for my wytch cult/reaver army. What we said was that fleet obviously allows re-roll of charge distance so you couldn't use it for anything like that so what we agreed on (only a friendly game) was that the same add 1 dice to running and take the highest and just apply that to the charge distance which is pretty much the same. Safe to say it made it a pretty decent combat drug.
(obviously wouldn't be allowed in a serious game until they fixed it but we all agreed that it was fair and actually made sense regarding reavers, sort of)

If you want it to change to +1" why not make it +D3"?
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Drugs Hypex change   Sun Aug 19 2012, 23:14

I don't think it's all that useless as is now. Reavers never could use it, but they are fast enough already. I would say, if anything, add the +D3 to running and leave charges alone. I think it was left as is to promote more foot armies, which are not played enough these days.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Drugs Hypex change   

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Combat Drugs Hypex change
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