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 Raider Entering from Reserves

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PostSubject: Raider Entering from Reserves   Wed Jul 18 2012, 00:10

In a recent game, I had difficulty in moving my Raiders onto the board from Reserves. Specifically, moving them only 6" onto the board so that embarked models can shoot at their full BS. Measuring from bow to stern, all of my Raiders are more than 6", and nothing can be hanging off the board.

Can I move the Raider as if it were sideways, touching the edge with its side, rotate forward, then move 6" forward, to allow a short move onto the board but still fit?

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Tiri Rana
Tiri Rana

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PostSubject: Re: Raider Entering from Reserves   Wed Jul 18 2012, 01:02

BRB p124 wrote:
...it must move fully onto the table [...] Each model's move is measured from the edge of the battlefield, as if they had been positioned just off the board in the previous turn and moved as normal.

So, if you are able to move a raider so that it ends it's movement sideways, just of the board, but without entering the board, then do it, but I'd advise against it.


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PostSubject: Re: Raider Entering from Reserves   Wed Jul 18 2012, 15:10

Yes, you can start with the swivel trick. There is nothing to suggest you can't. You can end up reaching a couple of inches more, but raiders could always do this.

Also, you can technically move sideways. Skimmers ignore everything, unless they start or end the movement in something. So, your skimmer starts sideways, goes into the air, swivels in the air, moves thru the air, swivels again and ends the movement. Which is essentially a sideways move. As you can see, this makes moving skimmers pretty easy.

Feel free to start sideways on the edge of the table, move in sideways 6 inches, swivel if you want for position/range. The result is the same, just makes it easier for you to move the raider in.

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PostSubject: Re: Raider Entering from Reserves   Wed Aug 01 2012, 12:49

I agree with mukslinger.

In the rules for moving vehicles pg.71 it states "...measure to and from their hull..." it also states "...vehicles can turn any number of times as they move..."

It doesn't say you have to use the hull with Front Armor or Rear Armor. It doesn't say that you must do a foward or reverse movement. This will also apply to rhinos, land raiders, etc...

In the Reserve pg.124 it states "...if for some reason a model's maximum move is insufficient to fit the entire model onto the board...place the model so that its rear end is touching the board edge..."

What I get from this is you will have to use the pivot trick if you want to only move 6" and shoot. If you don't you will have to take your maximum move to get onto the table.

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PostSubject: Re: Raider Entering from Reserves   

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Raider Entering from Reserves
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