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 FW Imperial Armour Allies matrix released

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PostSubject: FW Imperial Armour Allies matrix released   Thu Jul 12 2012, 20:15


Of particular note to us:

Forge World wrote:
Eldar Corsairs Armies
When using the Allies Matrix (page 113, Warhammer 40,000 rulebook), Eldar Corsair armies are treated as Eldar armies when both selecting allies to fight alongside them and when using them as allies for another force. The exception to this rule is that they may ally with Eldar armies as Battle Brothers.
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PostSubject: Re: FW Imperial Armour Allies matrix released   Thu Jul 12 2012, 20:45

Im not going to lie that is nice to see, but I think Eldar currently fills in our gaps nicely (no psy defense, cheap fast scoring units that arent in tanks, melta) Although the idea of 3 void ravens and a nightwing does make me giggle with glee Razz

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FW Imperial Armour Allies matrix released
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