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 Bladevane Casualties

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PostSubject: Re: Bladevane Casualties   Tue Jul 31 2012, 15:21

@Mushkilla wrote:
@Count Adhemar wrote:
Personally I'd have ruled that the attacks come from the initial position rather than the final position but at least it's been decided now (more or less).

Same. However this is great tactically. Not only does it mean models are not safe at the back. But also that the casualties being removed from the back will make it harder for the target unit to charge/rapid fire the reavers after they their bladevane attack.

Haven't thought about that yet. Like the way you think! Idea

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PostSubject: Re: Bladevane Casualties   Tue Jul 31 2012, 21:22

@ShadowSpirit wrote:
Talking about flying through walls, if I'm correct, it is just possible to have a multilevel ruin, have an enemy unit in the middle floor, and turbo boost over the ruin AND hitting the unit INSIDE. As Reavers completely ignore terrain for movement purposes, they can just choose to fly over the middle floor level AND as BRB states units can move through ruin walls. Really epic mental image to hear screaming jets and see exploding walls, after which maniac pointy-eared guys fly into the building recklessly and slash the poor dudez inside then blast the other wall and fly away. Truly the Dark Eldar way of warfare Smile

More like they fly in through windows and narrow cracks because they're just that good at riding their bikes. Also it doesn't matter which floor the enemy models are in, as it isn't a blast or a template (and why should they all pick windows on the same level?)

@ShadowSpirit wrote:
Another, seemingly stupid question, but since it is not specified by BRB I have to ask: do jetbikes actually count as part of the body of the model for LoS purposes?

Yes they do.
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PostSubject: Re: Bladevane Casualties   Tue Jul 31 2012, 23:44

I too would have said that bladevane casualties should come from nearest to where the models started rather than where they finished, but it does give them great tactical flexibility. Hiding character models at the back? Bladevane them and see just how many saves he can make. If he decides to stick them at the front to avoid bladevane attacks? Shoot them with blasters, heat lances and splinter rifles.

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PostSubject: Re: Bladevane Casualties   

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Bladevane Casualties
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