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 Codex has been basically "ruined" by 6th edition half the units are no longer viable

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PostSubject: Codex has been basically "ruined" by 6th edition half the units are no longer viable   Wed Jul 04 2012, 21:58

Hi , I am new to these forums....but not new to the dark eldar been playing them since 4rth. I want to look at how some of the new rules interact with models and the implications they now pose after playing a few games of 6th and reading the rules thoroughly to my understanding. Apoligize for the wall of txt but there is alot to discuss.

to my understanding this is how it works

ICs : GONE useless all of them

Heamonculous : still good take 1 just to fill that hq slot or to get some crappy fnp to a unit of born with blasters or dark lances

Archon : Gone useless assault is not a viable option for dark eldar and is too expensive even with just a blaster

Succubus : Gone Assault is not an option

Incubi : Gone garbage 3+ power weapons

Trueborn : Still awsome as a suicide blaster unit or a static unit with 2 dark lances pretty much DE version of devastators that suck

wracks : gone fnp nerfed and there too expensive for what they do

harlequins : gone assault is not an option anymore

Scourges : Awsome with 2 dark lances perch them somewhere for area denial or fire support

Reavers : Contrary to popular belief after playing a few games with them Jetbikes now suck......they are really bad now
without that 3+ space marine save they are 4+ now and really are bad and overcosted for what they can actually do.
take them in a group of 3 with a blaster for a single potshot at rear armor or to contest they are not worth bring in large numbers

Beastmasters : Really Shine now they are one of the units that will make my list because they are awsome as a counter charge unit to tie up a unit that will try to charge you make sure to have the beastmasters in the back and your invuln or high toughness critters up front. The ability to move 24" and charge and ignore cover is fantastic maybe one of the units worth take Baron in for that extra punch to tie up a pesky terminator or marine assault charge.

Warriors : good in blobs now 20 warriors with 2 dark lances is the new bees knees large enough to take on even an assaulting squad 230 points gets you a nice holding unit throw em in cover and dont play against IG. Good as a squad of 10 with a dark lance, and useful in a raider as a group of 5 naked just to get that objective later on.

Wyches : useless. fnp is garbage and assault is not worth it anymore

Talos : useless...you need more ranged guns to compete

Ravager : Still awsome naked for the points gets you 3 moving dark lances take 3 or take none.

Razorwings : The new must have you sometimes need the shots from the disintegrators to deal with terminators and the missiles to deal with enemy blobs take 3 or take none.

raiders : suck so bad its not even funny they are too weak to deal with most any firepower of any kind on the tabletop

venoms : EBAYED they are useless 2 hullpoints gets stripped by even the smallest of squads

In closing my new 1850 list looks like this :

230 20 warriors 2 dark lances
115 10 warriors 1 dark lance
115 10 warriors 1 dark lance
105 5 warriors in a raider ( hide this as best you can in case you need to get somewhere fast )
140 5 scourges 2 dark lances
110 5 trueborn 2 dark lances
110 5 trueborn 2 dark lances
180 4 beast masters 6 kymera 1 clawed fiend 2 razorwing flock
180 4 beast masters 6 kymera 4 razorwing flock
435 3 razorwing jetfighters with lances or disintegrators, magnetize them and switch out if your enemy has terminators
100 2 heamonculus to spread crappy fnp around the army where its getting shot at.

Strategy : Stand and shoot......welcome to 6th. If you get assaulted or someone tries to send the beasts at them or if you need to contest move them. place all objectives as close to you as possible in a line in front of your deployment zone or in it when you can. Bring a fortification wall or make one or a large buildings / ruins tightly packed to place your weak little hoard in and shoot anything that gets near you. if by chance you need to move move as a ball with the group of 20 in front protecting all the others. Razorwings will decimate a squad or 2 with missiles and dark lances for more transport popping power.

Sry but i dont see a better list structure and selection with 6th anytime soon (without adding eldar allies).....give it a try tell me what you think....tell me if you think im wrong and why!

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PostSubject: Re: Codex has been basically "ruined" by 6th edition half the units are no longer viable   Wed Jul 04 2012, 22:06

Okay, just keep in mind that this is all just your opinion. I am sure that plenty of other people will disagree with some of the things you said, but this is so negative that it almost seems that you want to drive people away from playing Dark Eldar.

I really, seriously, disagree with your arguement for the Talos. They are massive can openers and great in close combat, with the ability to take ranged AT weaponary.

This is very negative article, although I do agree with the positive points that you have made. Personally, I do not believe that assault has been nerfed, but that is my opinion.


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PostSubject: Re: Codex has been basically "ruined" by 6th edition half the units are no longer viable   Wed Jul 04 2012, 22:16

We have enough doom and gloom threads around here, and that entire post sounds to like just one big attempt to troll the forum. Thread Locked


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PostSubject: Re: Codex has been basically "ruined" by 6th edition half the units are no longer viable   

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Codex has been basically "ruined" by 6th edition half the units are no longer viable
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