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 Raiders Of The Tortured Soul (coven)

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PostSubject: Raiders Of The Tortured Soul (coven)   Mon Jun 25 2012, 02:05

Hello guys,

It has been a long long time since I posted something here. But I recently refound joy in painting and assembling my custom coven army. The main theme is Space Pirates here, with a love for close quartes combat and toughness at the loss of speed and firepower.

In the first few post I will mainly focus on completing my army list, wich is still WIP but roughly something like:
3 or 4 raiders (3 with wracks, 1 with grotesques, 2 heamies with WWP) and 3 tali(ossen/lossss?)

I, as a Dutchman, have been in Brasil for 2 months now as parts of 3 months internship. There for any new progress will be posted in about 4 weeks or something. But I have been dying to get your opinion on this conversion and paintjob I have done so far.

First up, the re-paint job on the Raider I posted long ago. I'm, obviously, still practising with gradients and glow:

Second is the flagship of the assault force. Which is still a major WIP, but the main reason for opening the project log.
I started it just before I went to Brasil and now that I look back at the pictures I really love the back part with the sails, but the front is completly out of style. Any suggestions on what to build as a front and mid section are welcome. I'm willing to cut up the entire CW:E if it is needed ( 4 wave serpents , 2 falcons, 5 vypers, 9 jetbikes ). I prefer to not kill any DE models, although the Venom is already the back section.

The idea is to make the bow of the ship completjly out of bass strings mixed with Chaos defiler tentacles and let all kinds of bodyparts stick out of the tubes, as if the vessel is powered by the dying prisoners (see the unfortunate C:SM as example).

I call her: The Twisted Soul

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Raiders Of The Tortured Soul (coven)
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