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In Exile

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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Sun Aug 26 2012, 09:08

This was an awesome chapter!
I'm half expecting Hareliquins to come and steal that from him, since it is Old Ones technology.
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Lady Malys
She Who Must Be Obeyed

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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Tue Aug 28 2012, 18:59

Hmm,. nice dramatic tension and a bit of *cough* freelance archaeology!

How did the Haemonculus know to bring a Chronometron? Because four-armed is forwarned! Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Sun Sep 02 2012, 20:12

Definitely some interesting stuff happening here.
I'll admit I'm not much of a fan of the Space Marine Chapter - as I am already far past wanting more Sphess Mahreens invading Commoragh and stomping around before leaving with no ramifications to them.

Other than that aspect though, it's a fun story with some good characterization and very nice descriptives, I'm curious to see where it's going. So far, for me, the best bits are the Haem/Archon interactions.


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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Thu Sep 13 2012, 13:07


"Sir! Xenos ships spotted on our port side!" the Navy lieutenant bellowed. "They appear to have come out of nowhere!"

"How?" Captain Arakan of the Emperor-Class battleship Wrath of the God-Emperor snapped. "Nothing should be able to escape our scans-"

The vox crackled with static. "Taking fire," the emotionless, clipped voice of a Servitor informed the crew monotonously.

"Alright then," Arakan growled. "Prepare to broadside them! We will teach this xeno filth a lesson for attacking an Imperial vessel!"

The port side guns of Wrath of the God-Emperor erupted, silent in the vacuum of space but deadly in their assault. Arakan was confident of their chances - visual reports showed a large fleet, composed of mostly small ships and none large enough to properly threaten the battleship.

His confidence was shattered when the volley of fire hit the enemy craft, and went straight through. The Servitor's voice kept announcing that the ship was taking hits, but damage reports showed that the shields were still at full.

Suddenly, Arakan realised. "It's a feint!" he roared. "Brace for a second atta-"

Those were the last words he uttered before three figures materialised inside the captain's cabin. One laughed sharply, swinging two glimmering blades around to tear the captain's body open. Arakan fell to the ground, pain engulfing his mind, and then everything stopped.


"Too easy," Teras grinned, stepping over the corpse of the captain even as Alisanna and the Trueborn Niceras slaughtered the rest of the shocked command. "Now let's get what we're looking for and get out of here before the whole crew goes down on our heads."

He broke into a run, using the first crystal to lock onto the fourth. Illusion and psychic immunity had enabled them to get this far - now, it was up to their martial might alone, and in that he was certain of their victory.

Two guards tried to stop him. Raising both blades to a ninety degree angle to his body, Teras put on a burst of speed to decapitate both guards, the action so sudden that it was a second or so before the mon'keigh realised what had happened. Alisanna and Niceras followed him, but in truth they were merely finishing off any survivors left by the whirlwind of death that was the Archon of the Splintered Mind. He was in full bloodlust now, and nothing could stop him.

Nothing ever would.

Dark Eldar 2k - 23 wins, 3 draw, 3 loss

Dark Eldar? Grimdark? What a silly idea. The Adventures of I-XV7-DM

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Lord of the Chat

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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Sat Sep 15 2012, 18:24

Very nice read. The combat flows well and you have portrayed the leathality of Dark Eldar.

Great work. Smile


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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Mon Sep 17 2012, 11:56


Ten mon'keigh soldiers stood guard to the room where Teras knew the item he sought was. He allowed himself a laugh at the way they stood, so obviously nervous and so pathetically trying to cover it up. His powers of illusion tricked the guards into thinking that the sound was from another direction, turning their backs to him. Eerie noises raced across the room, each in a different spot, the Archon feasting on the delectable waves of panic emanating off of their souls, rejuvenating him properly for the first time since the destruction of his fortress. He allowed himself a few more seconds of feeding, then bared his teeth and charged.

The guards turned, three trying to run and the others opening fire. One lasbolt glanced Teras' shoulder, but he ignored the injury and decapitated the mortal who had dared strike an Archon of the Dark Kin. He leapt onto the wall and pushed off, crushing in the chest of another guard as his blades flashed, one mon'keigh sliced in half at the waist and the other losing his entrails as his stomach came apart. The guard screamed as blue innards dripped from the ragged hole in his body to pool on the ground, staining the air with the delicious smell of fresh blood. The underslung splinter pistols of the deathplate armour culled two more of the mon'keigh before the final one broke and ran, making about three steps before Teras caught up with him.

Jumping over the guard's head so they were staring more or less eye to eye, he grinned and impaled the mortal with his twin blades, dragging them and the wailing guard into the air and letting the blood drip into his mouth and down his body as the blades were twisted around, ripping and tearing through vital organs. He threw the mon'keigh onto the ground before clinically stamping down on the head of the fool to end his life.

He glanced at the crude lock and laughed, planting a small explosive to blast it off and open the way to what lay on the other side. Alisanna and Niceras leapt round the corner to be met only with corpses and an open portal.

"You killed them too quickly," the Haemonculus grumbled.

"You moved too slowly," Teras replied curtly. Yes, there ahead was the telltale glow of one of the Old One's crystals. However, it was not alone...

"Harlequin," he growled, his words dripping with venom. The warrior-actor bowed mockingly.

"Solitaire," Teras corrected himself. "I would drop that item if you have any intentions of keeping that pretty face."

The mask of the Laughing God's servant twisted into a rictus grin, and the hand of the Solitaire beckoned arrogantly.

"So be it."

The two charged each other, and from the start Teras was outmatched by the dancing Eldar. He managed to keep the Harlequin's Kiss away from his body, but it was only a matter of time...

Three quick blows from a crackling energy blade, and the Archon was disarmed and on his knees, blood raining from his broken body. The Solitaire raised the kiss to deliver the killing blow-

-and then a single stinger round flew into the chest of the Solitaire, dispering its lethal poisons around the body of the Eldar.

Teras looked around and saw Alisanna cleaning the muzzle of an elegant pistol calmly, as if nothing had happened.

"My thanks," he managed, coughing blood. His Haemonculus sighed and knelt down next to him, using some bizarre Coven technology to knit his wounds together and heal his body.

"This isn't like you at all, my Archon," she scolded. "Be more careful, lest the price for my service become more... dear. Do you know what I mean?"

"What can you offer me that half a dozen Lhameans cannot?" he spat, trying to clear his mouth of blood.

"Well, I believe that those Lhameans are dead, so, rather a lot I would think," she chuckled. "Is your heart really that much of a price to pay?"

"If that was literal, then I will beat you to death with your two extra arms. If that was, as I think, a metaphor, then maybe."

"What made you think I was being literal?" Alisanna grimaced, sounding annoyed.

Teras raised an eyebrow at her, daring her to ask such a stupid question again. She shrugged, and stood up, seizing the crystal.

"Now I can bribe you," she teased. He leapt to his feet and grabbed for it, but anti-grav spikes on her feet propelled her to the top of the room.

"Now is not the time, Haemonculus!" he snapped.

"Then you'd better get his over with quickly."

"Can this not wait until we are back in Commorragh?!" he roared, hearing the telltale sounds of marching humans coming ever closer. Alisanna, too, heard these sounds, as she nodded and floated down.

Teras reached into his armour and pulled out a webway portal. Focusing the power of the crystals, he tore open a pathway to Commorragh and stepped through, followed by Niceras and his dangerously admiring Haemonculus.

Dark Eldar 2k - 23 wins, 3 draw, 3 loss

Dark Eldar? Grimdark? What a silly idea. The Adventures of I-XV7-DM

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Pilgrim Pod

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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Thu Oct 18 2012, 19:34

I had a good read of this today whilst at work. I, like others love the interplay between Teras and Alisanna. I'm looking forward to the next instalment with bated breath!
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Inheritor   Tue Oct 30 2012, 10:07

You know your break has been far too long when you forget the names of the characters...


It was not only those of the material universe learning the name of Teras Sithrasion...

Deep within the Eye of Terror, Kharbyros, one of the most feared Keepers of Secrets in the galaxy, watched with growing interest.

She saw all. Tylara's betrayal, the raid on Nirvana, the destruction of his palace, the battle with the Solitaire, and the now-unfolding pact with the Haemonculus. This Archon was a truly interesting character, far more so than the others of his kind.

Kharbyros decided that it was once again time to walk realspace again. A laugh whispered on the aether wind of the Eye, and within it she took form.

The pain of compacting her essence into the warp-spawned meat of a flesh body was nothing compared to the promises of sensation awaiting her. She would follow Teras, watching him and waiting. Then, when the wait was over and the time had come, she would strike, and immerse in the joys of the slaughter and send his soul as a gift to her mistress.

"I come for you, eldar," she whispered to no one in particular. "You had best make yourself ready."


Teras ducked under a strike of the knife and grabbed an exposed wrist, giving him the advantage he needed to hurl his attacker into the wall of the laboratory.

Alisanna rose to her feet, panting heavily. She was clearly enjoying herself, even if he wasn't. She had been wearing the barest mockeries of clothing when he had arrived with lethal intent, in a full set of kabalite armour. At heart, Teras was still vain and hated being controlled, and being blackmailed like this was a hard price to pay, even for the fourth crystal.

"Give up yet?" he rasped. He knew this fight was more of a test to see which of the pair was dominant - an animalistic practice that had fallen out of favour with the higher classes, such as him. This battle would leave at least one and usually both of them mutilated beyond pleasure, and in the laboratory of a Haemonculus there was much that could be used for this purpose.

Like the knife held in the hand of Alisanna, for example. Teras always kept at least one and preferably both eyes on it, for a single scratch would infect the flesh and rot it away until only bone and scraps of muscle were left.

"Never," she purred. "It will take far more than that to stop me."

Again, Teras cursed. It was just bad luck he had been forced into this situation. Reaching behind him, he grabbed at the handle of a bizarre torture implement comprised of a series of spiked metal balls dangling from a circular chain. He pulled a lever, and a motor inside whirred to life, turning the contraption into a deadly weapon. The archon smiled. So that was how it worked.

Alisanna growled and tossed the blade aside, choosing to forgo a deadly weapon for greater ability to deflect the makeshift flail. She leapt into the air, aiming to strike him in the face. Teras swung the mace up and she pirouetted in mid-air, dodging the deadly blow and using a sharpened fingernail to tear his skintight black shirt off.

He scowled in anger. He should have seen that coming. The pair looked into each other's eyes, trying to discern the next method of attack. Teras closed in slowly, then suddenly knelt down and swept the flail at Alisanna's legs. She leapt over the attack, but it was only a distraction. Snarling in triumph, he grabbed her shoulder and threw her to the ground with excessive force.

Alisanna gasped with a mix of pleasure and pain, and Teras discarded his weapon, instead drawing a tiny switchblade from a niche in the wall. He would make it painful as he flayed her alive...

She tried to rise, but a swift kick to the side of the head sent her sprawling again. Alisanna hissed in frustration as Teras knelt down beside her, looking her in the eyes as he began the first cuts.

The Haemonculus howled, first with pleasure but then with pain as he ruthlessly tore the skin off of her top right arm. The other three rained blows down upon him, some missing but most hitting, albeit with not enough force to cause true pain.

Teras laughed, the noise cut short as Alisanna suddenly headbutted him and broke his nose. Teras fell back, stars flashing in his eyes. The next thing he knew, the Haemonculus had seized the knife from his hand and was straddling him with the blade held to his throat.

He looked into Alisanna's eyes. She grinned at him.

"That hurt," she said. "I'll give you that. I, however, have been doing this much longer than you and I am not giving up yet."

She laughed and threw the knife away, although her top left arm still held him by the throat.

"Be grateful that you get the crystal after this," Alisanna whispered in his ear, her lips caressing his cheek.

He growled in frustration. She would pay for this when he had all of the Old One's crystals.

Alisanna bared her teeth, laughed, and bit down hard on his neck. Blood spurted out, and Teras sat up swiftly, throwing her off. That had been quite painful, and it had been luck only that she had missed his windpipe.

"Get down on your knees," he ordered, standing up. "Bow to me."

Alisanna also rose. He was taller than her, but not by much.

"Not now, my archon," she sighed. "Shall we begin again?"

"It appears I have no choice."

She nodded. "Correct."

The fight began again, even as Teras plotted how he would punish her for this insolence.

At least the crystal would be his.

Dark Eldar 2k - 23 wins, 3 draw, 3 loss

Dark Eldar? Grimdark? What a silly idea. The Adventures of I-XV7-DM

Back after hiatus. For Commorragh!
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