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 Kabal of the Shattered Soul

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PostSubject: Kabal of the Shattered Soul   Sun Jun 03 2012, 09:21

Hello everyone,

Previously I've played with roughly 2500 points of Space Marines and I always wanted something different as a second army. Having played Dark Elves in Warhammer Fantasy, I figured evil space elves of doom would be a good army. I lean towards Kabalite units as opposed to Wyches, with a few Coven units as kind of a spearhead.

My friends' armies are Astral Claws (and their insane characters), Tau, Orks, Tyranids, and Necrons.

Any ideas would be appreciated, whether they are for tactics, army composition, modelling, painting, etc.

Presently I have:

Archon (Blaster and Agoniser)

2x10 Kabalites (one squad has a Raider)
5 Wracks

Fast Attack
2x5 Scourges

I also have an entire battleforce, a Talos/Cronos, and some Reavers left to build in boxes.

As for background fluff I'm in the process of writing some stuff. Nothing finished yet but if anyone thinks I should post it I can.

I appreciate any ideas anyone has so comment away.

Played my first game the other day against Astral Claws and the result was cutting each other into ribbons. The Scourges had my opponent freaked out but some bad die rolls and a heavy flamer later and both squads were gone without doing much aside from distract 5 Thunderhammer Terminators led by Lufgt Huron. Archon performed admirably as did my Kabalites, Wracks guarding the Archon just got to watch him wipe out entire Combat Squads single-handed due to his Initiative.
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Kabal of the Shattered Soul
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