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 Turbo Boost + Bladevanes in cover

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PostSubject: Turbo Boost + Bladevanes in cover   Fri May 11 2012, 19:09

Hello all,

I'm just staring dark eldar, I have a battleforce, and have played a few small games.

Quick question regarding Turbo Boosting with reavers to hit units in cover.

The turbo boost rule states that you can not move through terrain, however jetbikes ignore terran.

Long story short, can I turbo boost and use the bladevane attack on units in cover?

Also, it states that cover saves can be taken for hits from the bladvanes so I take it as a yes.

Sorry for the noob question, I dont want to cheat.


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PostSubject: Re: Turbo Boost + Bladevanes in cover   Fri May 11 2012, 19:20

If the Codex says that they can take cover saves then it would be a yes. That is just my opinion, though, and I haven't played with Reavers much before.


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PostSubject: Re: Turbo Boost + Bladevanes in cover   Fri May 11 2012, 19:48

You can't move through terrain when turbo boosting.
Jetbikes move over terrain when moving.

Yes, you can bladevane a unit in cover.


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PostSubject: Re: Turbo Boost + Bladevanes in cover   Wed May 16 2012, 15:44

In order to get a cover save to use, you usually have to be in some kind of terrain. I think it'd be silly to include the line about being able to use the cover save against bladevanes if that never came up, and it'd only come up if your Reavers moved over the unit stuck in a piece of terrain, thereby moving over that terrain.

I've always played it where you can move regardless of terrain in the way because, as Thor said, you move over terrains with jetbikes, not through it.

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PostSubject: Re: Turbo Boost + Bladevanes in cover   

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Turbo Boost + Bladevanes in cover
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