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 Are Dark Eldar a Veterans Army?

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How Long have you been playing 40K?
i started back in the Rogue Trader days (1987)
 11% [ 8 ]
I started with Second Edition (1993)
 16% [ 12 ]
I Started with Third Edition (1998)
 26% [ 19 ]
I Started with Fourth Edition (2004)
 7% [ 5 ]
I Started with Fifth Edition (2008)
 8% [ 6 ]
i've been playing less than 3 years
 4% [ 3 ]
I Started the last couple of Years
 11% [ 8 ]
Been Playing Less than a year
 17% [ 13 ]
Total Votes : 74


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PostSubject: Re: Are Dark Eldar a Veterans Army?   Tue May 08 2012, 08:07

Been playing since 3rd edition, I started with The Angels of Death book, and had both Blood Angels and Dark Angels. Took some time away just before 5thEd came out, got back into over the last 2 years, I have a 3000+ Dark Angels army (almost a full company + Deathwing) I have a 1750 pts BA jump pack list, and I have about 1500 pts in the dreaded GK!
As a former marine player I always used to shun any of the Eldar races, as I thought them too weak for the style of tactics I used. ( Anvil and Hammer stuff). I played a friend with a VERY sharp DE army, and I have always loved the evilness and darkness of the DE, I was throughouly outgunned and thouroughly out manouvered, which I considered to be a feat not easily acheived these days, yet there I was being cut apart piece meal. Most of my games are against horde armies or power armoured foes so the idea of being outflanked and then shot to pieces piqued my interest a little more. I LOVE the new model range, some of the sharpest models I think GW has ever done, and I love the fluff behind them, but the best thing is their speed! I look at being the Archon of a DE force as being a surgeon. Knowing where to strike and striking it hard before your opponent can react, being able to dictact the rythm of battle, and imposing your will on him, due to your mobility is a very desired quality. I see the DE as a scalpel and in the hand of a veteran general, it can make the flesh of your enemies sing in agony.
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PostSubject: Re: Are Dark Eldar a Veterans Army?   Wed May 09 2012, 07:59

Been playing WH40K since the 3rd edition. DE were my 1st and only army all these years. I started playing because I thought it was Magic but then with miniatures (don't slap me). I asked the Talos for my birthday because I loved that model. Basically from then on I had to learn all about WH40K. The guy in the toystore helped me out a lot. Suggesting I should buy the rulebook and the codex. I found out I made the right move choosing DE. Love the fluff and love the challenge on the table with these guys. Prior to this i already had an unsane love for strategic games and fantasy/sci-fi (hence the Magic cards). But I must admit that I've been out of the game sometimes for a year or two. I'd be demotivated by losing so much. Or having to paint so much miniatures which I suck at. The money. No codex update. No time. But i'm older now, got more time, more money, can paint better (+ the new models are a delight to paint) and... I stopped losing... Twisted Evil

So on that note: Yes, they are definatly a veterans army. You have to spend a lot of time losing with your lists, familiarize yourself with the other armies and perfecting your ways of getting that single short blade into that weak spot in between two armorplates noone can even see. Awesome stuff.

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PostSubject: Re: Are Dark Eldar a Veterans Army?   Sun May 13 2012, 16:13

As a former SM player ( Dark Angels,Blood Angels and GK) Ive been playing 40K since 3rd Edition and IMO DE are an army best used by someone with tactical acumen. They are a scalpel, not a hammer, and if played as a scalpel they are DEADLY. Manouever warfare and "blitzkrieg" style play favour us, allowing DE players to push the play, making our opponents react to us, not us to them.
There is alot of talk on the new edition and from some of the rules I have seen (reliable or not), I think that DE will come into a league of their own. With our speed and the ever dodgy yet hard-hitting Dark Lances,the multitude of fast units and flyers I think DE will be force to be reckoned with. The glass hammer syndrome we suffer from sometimes will be negated based on the size of the board, and the size of the standard army (2000 pt) tournament list. This shift will allow us to expand our lists to include more flyers, thereby giving us an advantage.
If you use this speed advantage and manouever your units accordingly, and maximize multiple axis attacks, then there are few armies that can stand against DE.
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PostSubject: Re: Are Dark Eldar a Veterans Army?   

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Are Dark Eldar a Veterans Army?
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