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 Vehicle Weathering Tutorial

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PostSubject: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Fri Apr 20 2012, 23:02

Hey guys! Alot of people here and on other forums have asked how I did the weathering and the colour's on my Raider i painted for stage 2 of the Archon's Challenge. It's actually really simple. As i'm painting a batch of vehicles right now, i took afew pics along the way. I used an Airbrush for this.

Ok, so you've primed the raider (built or in pieces, i like to do it in pieces). Next thing you need to decided is what colour you want the weathering to be. You can use any colour really, but it should contrast nicely with your base colours. The main colour used on my raider was Iyanden Darksun, and i thought a dark brown would be best for the weathering.

Step 1. Basecoat armour plates with P3 Umbral Umber.

Step 2. Coat of Purity Seal Spray. This protects the weathering colour a little later on.

Step 3. Ok, now comes the stage where we define where our weathering will be. I used Humbrol Maskol (liquid latex) dabbed on with a bit of blister sponge. This stuff dries pretty quickly and becomes hard to work with if you take it out of the bottle (which will probably be necessary) so you'll waste some. Not much you can do about it really. You can see in the pic below all the waste i had for the batch on a piece of cardboard. Dont go overboard with this stage. Leave it to dry for 30mins. One more thing.. the bottle mentions not to leave latex on for more than 3 days.. I dont why (spontaneous combustion? )....

Step 4. Now that it's dry, you can paint your vehicle as you normally would, being careful not to displace any of the latex you just applied. I spray the armour with a mix of Iyanden Darksun 2:1 Scorched Brown. I then spray the first highlight of pure Iyanden, leaving some of the previous layer near the center of plates.

Step 5. The last highlight is pretty drastic. A mix of White 10:1 Iyanden. The steps up to this point are to establish a general gradient of colour on the plates.

Step 6. The armour will be looking not very colourful at this point. But this is where the magic i found happens. I've found that Iyanden Darksun dries alot different when sprayed over a lighter layer. So apply pure Iyanden again to the center of the plates. It will come out alot Orangey/yellow-erer.

Below is a comparison pic of this step next to the a completed raider, so you can see the difference in the next step.

Step 7. We finish it off with Iyanden 5:1 Scorched Brown to the center of the previous layer.

Step 8. Now we peal off the latex. You can do this gently with a finger nail for most of it, but hard to reach places and on the edges you may need some tweezers. Remember to lightly scratch all over the surface, even if you cant physically see a bump of latex. The sponge should have placed alot of shallow and small dots over the surface, which will come off also, with a little aggitation.

And thats it. Here's what mine look like...

And a pic of a finished Raider -

Sorry if the colours didnt show up well in some of the pics... I plan to add some more stages of weathering in the future, but im happy with this for now.

Hope this helps. Have fun!


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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Sat Apr 21 2012, 01:53

This is why you are the Man. I've seen a similar effect using salt, though your method looks a hell of a lot cleaner to pull off.(No pun intended Mad ) Thanks for posting this!


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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Sat Apr 21 2012, 03:44

Nice job! Easy to follow and informative. Now t o figure out what would look best for my Poisined Tongue army?
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Sat Apr 21 2012, 05:31

@Evil It is alot cleaner than salt. and you have about as much control of where the weathering will appear. Where hairspray weathering shines though, is the little scratches (or any shapes) you can make after the salt comes off. i like both methods. Hmm, maybe it would be possible to combine hairspray with this method.... hmmhmmm....

@Viking I was in the same boat =p I tried hairspray on my sisters, and wanted to see how this method turned out for this army.
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Sat Apr 21 2012, 07:35

Thank you so much for sharing this S'jet. It is a great technique and you do it extremely well.

Excellent tutorial you put together, too, will definitely get it added to Local_Ork's collection of tutorials.

And now I REALLY must get an airbrush!
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Sat Apr 21 2012, 08:04

I have something like this

Valejo Liquid Mask
It is working pretty much the same way, i guess?

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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Sat Apr 21 2012, 11:28

Havent tried vallejo, but it looks like the same stuff yeah. Any liquid latex should do the trick.
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Tue May 01 2012, 01:20

Nice! I bought some of this stuff a year ago, painted a piece of terrain, wasn't happy and shelved it. I think my mistake was not making large enough clumps with the sponge. I'm 100% trying this on my first raider comming up, thanks for the tutorial.
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Fri May 11 2012, 08:26

this looks great !!!

only thing is ..... i dont use an airbrush to paint my vehicles (old skool brush here!!) so this technique is a bit hard for me to achieve. so it raises the question can you actually brush over the masking stuff (seems pretty solid)?
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PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Weathering Tutorial   Fri May 11 2012, 23:14

There's no denying the result you get, it looks absolutely amazing. what kind of airbrush do you use? I've got the GW one but only used it to do an overall basecoat on some of my marines

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Vehicle Weathering Tutorial
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