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 Quick Deep Strike Question

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PostSubject: Quick Deep Strike Question   Thu Apr 19 2012, 19:05

My friend is planning a BA jump list and wants to know what anti DS rules and abilities there are in the entire.


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PostSubject: Re: Quick Deep Strike Question   Thu Apr 19 2012, 19:44

Most notable - GK strike squads psychic power form a bubble of 12 inches, everything deepstriking there automatically mishaps.

IG officer of the fleet, while alive -1 for Reserve Rolls.

GK Inquisitor Koteaz, everything arriving within certain radius around him gets shot immediately.

Dont remember what else, remember some Apoc stuff that shut down DSing pretty hard.
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PostSubject: Re: Quick Deep Strike Question   Thu Apr 19 2012, 20:13

inquisitor retinue has something that allows shooting at any nearby deepstriking units

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Tiri Rana

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PostSubject: Re: Quick Deep Strike Question   Thu Apr 19 2012, 20:25

An other one would be the Landspeeder Storm, that within 6" negates wargear that prevents a unit from scattering and ontop of that lets all units scatter 4D6.


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PostSubject: Re: Quick Deep Strike Question   Thu Apr 19 2012, 20:32

Ether Crystal from the Necron's Harbringer of the Storm deals D6 Strength 8 AP 5 hits if the unit arrives within 6 inches of the model with the Ether Crystal. Also, add a +1 per crystal if the unit is within one or more crystals beyond the first.

Also, C'Tan Shards can get the Sentient Singularity power suffers a Deep Strike mishap if they attempt to arrive within 6" of the Shard on any roll of a double (even if they rolled a hit).

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PostSubject: Re: Quick Deep Strike Question   

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Quick Deep Strike Question
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