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 To Forge World, from The Dark City

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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Tue Dec 04 2012, 05:56

Fixing Reaper and Tantalus

The reaper's single weapon behaving twin linked. Problem will still be a single weapon. An armor increase with shield generator like the Dais of Destruction would mitigate it somewhat. Although a ravager style reaper with 3 vortex cannons would be more DE appropriate and fix the single weapon problem and make it more worthy compared to a ravager. But that requires kit change rather than rules change.

As for the Tantalus, increasing disintigrator shots to 18 shots (more comparable to two ravagers). Would make it more interesting choice on the battlefield. Increasing transport capacity to 22 could be more fun if playing larger games and bringing grotesques or warrior squads. But more situational than increasing disintigrator rate of fire. Upgrading the flickerfield or shields with higher armor like Dais of Destruction would also make it make it more worthwhile.

Edited: Armor upgrades (shield generators) for reaper and tantalus.

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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Sun Dec 16 2012, 19:59

I'd love custom skyboards for our beloved Baron. It's either that or I'll have to buy one of those finger-skate boards from a toyshop and wreck it.

Torture chambers are next on my wish list. They don't necessarily have to function on the table (althought, if you have suggestions, please tell). I'm talking about the twisted homes of haemonucli, dark pits, decorated with endless racks filled with sinister tools. A board with hand-cuffs (nothing kinky), some heads below, giant tubes filled with acid. You get the point.

Since we're the pirates of the galaxy, Beastmasters with Nether Sharks (or any other aquatic animal for that matter) would be really cool. The sharks glide through the air, so don't worry about them having to swim

Also, Batman capes.

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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Mon Dec 17 2012, 08:37

Somebody should ask them about the Raven from the Aeronautica book. It has a special rule (evasive) not mentioned in eighter the book or the main rulebook, and for some reason it costs as much as a Voidraven with 4 missiles despite having less hullpoints, worse armour and less weapons. Sure, it has vector dancer, but that's hadrly enough to justify the cost, especially when you consider that the Eldar Nightwing is very similar in most regards (both are av10 2 hp flyers with vector dancer, Nightwing has 2 lances and 6 shuricannon shots while Raven has a twinlinked lance and 10 splintercannon shots) yet costs around 70 points less.

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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Wed Dec 19 2012, 21:12

As for converting warriors to trueborn, I'm starting that today. I have a sprue of warriors to start with. After buying 3 boxes of Scourges for different special weapons options I have enough left over shardcarbines (6 - Cool) for my trueborn conversions. Maxmini from Poland makes lots of conversion bits. I got their pack of 10 "Black Lotus Tribe" helmets, which look a lot like Spartan/Hoplite helmets. That distinguishes them from regular warriors. Their armor is the same for both warrior and trueborn so the base warrior model is what you start with.
As for different Grotesques, try the Fantasy line Beastmen Minotaur models with Maxmini's "gladiator helmets". An enlarged raider to carry 20+ figs would be nice for Apocolyse style games.
GW itself could easily do a trueborn conversion pack by just making a plastic sprue with 10 shardcarbines from the scourge sprue and add some some special weapons, like 2 blasters, 2 splinter cannons, 2 shredders, 2 dark lances all in plastic from existing plastic molds.
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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Sat Apr 06 2013, 17:16

+ 1 For Female Hemmies and Archons and Male Succubi and Raven upgradekit.
I would like to see Dark Eldar Interceptor with 11 front armor 10 side and rear armour armed with TL weaponry and void missiles (s9 ap 2 lance heavy 1 missiles against enemy flyers) or Dark Light Missiles ( s8 ap 2 heavy 1 missile) Something to give us slightly more chances to fight enemy AV12 flyers

Painting Dark Eldars are like Dark Eldars themselves: Agonizingly painful and sadistically fulfilling experience...
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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Tue Aug 06 2013, 16:10

sorry read date wrong
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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Fri Oct 18 2013, 13:42

Has anything come out of this? FW still have a very limited number of Dark Eldar units.
Guess we should play SM or CSM to make FW happy Wink
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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Fri Oct 18 2013, 17:55

@goofydk wrote:
Has anything come out of this? FW still have a very limited number of Dark Eldar units.
Guess we should play SM or CSM to make FW happy Wink
Forgeworld supposedly had an Imperial Armour in the works that featured Dark Eldar. Then they shelved it in favour of Newcrons and the Horus Heresy.
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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Mon Jun 09 2014, 18:38

@Gobsmakked wrote:
I think that this is a great idea, especially since we have such a great codex that will stand the test of time and a solid player base.  Just look at the continued growth of our membership.  The tone of our response will be key.

My initial thoughts on a few possibilities:

First, regarding the existing range:

- Both the Tantalus and the Reaper are good platforms with great weapons as they are.  However, they have zero secondary weapons and thus can be neutered quite quickly.  The potential points-sink is huge.  Their cousins have the Fire Storm and Warp Hunter with not dissimilar capabilities and they both come with Shuriken Catapults that can be upgraded to Cannons.  For no additional points, we need a base secondary armament, and not just a single Splinter Rifle on each side, with options.  Two beam, pintle-mounted Splinter Cannon that can be changed to Haywire Cannon or Blasters.  Or something else (see Shadow Spectres below).  
- I would also question the Tantalus’ Pulse Disintegrator’s range, the smaller Fire Storm with 6 Heavy shots at a higher Strength has almost double the range.
- New Raven fighter – I mean look at it and then at the CWE Hornet.  C’mon!  We know FW’s got the talent to do much better, and several staff probably have amazing concepts in their heads already that they are chomping at the bit to bring to life.  Also, rethink the points.  In terms of volume of fire, it’s not quite a 65-point Venom with two Splinter Cannon, with two DL’s added.  Methinks 100-110 points, max.

Wishlisting, in order from perhaps the more plausible to the lesser business-wise:

- Haemie Ancient – you know FW would nail this!
- Trueborn/Bloodbrides – ditto!
- Female Archon/Male Succubus – yes please.
- Vehicle upgrade kit – yes please.
- A unit of arena champion bikes, like FW’s Nob bikers.  Yes please.
- A monstrous creature for Beastmasters to employ, something like a Spined Chaos Beast.  Hell yes!
- Some über Scourges similar to Shadow Spectres – FW set the bar, time to follow through.  Would also provide some alternative weaponry.
- Alternate Corsair leader – yes please.
- Decapitator – you know FW would nail this!  (seriously, is GW gunna do him since he is so popular?)
- Dais – thinking about this, who would use this without a significant re-write?  A modded Tantalus would be a good option.
- Battle barge – as much as we all lust after this, me included, we have to think through what it would be used for.  Battleship vs. Battlecruiser.  DE are a light-weight, highly-mobile force, so a battle barge is not their thing.  But a very fragile, heavily-armed cruiser, or a heavily-armed large transport for their loot or other precious cargo (which is my personal, ultimate project for this army) might just fit.

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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   Mon Jan 26 2015, 12:26

Ive been wanting FW to start making some more Pain Engine Varients. The new dex and supplement talk about how there are hundreds of varients in the dark city created for all manner of purpose. i would like to see something to represent this.

Maybe they could do something like:
4 body variants
multitude of CC/ranged weapon arms/tails

If the weapons were made to be pin mounted on the arms/tails then that would open up a huge range where people could buy body A, weapons 1, 10, 25 and 30 and stick them all together how they wanted to. This would not only bring us some much needed variety to our options but would also represent the fickle and wonderfully weird nature of all the different coven's and what they create in their dire labs
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PostSubject: Re: To Forge World, from The Dark City   

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To Forge World, from The Dark City
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