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 Sisterhood of Lhilitu

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PostSubject: Sisterhood of Lhilitu   Thu Mar 29 2012, 09:12

The background suggests there is a larger secretive group the lhameaens are drawn from, so on rare occasions they could join a real space raid in mass. For some purpose or ritual only the initiated know.

0-1 elite choice
Sisterhood of Lhilitu
5-20 Lhameaens for points as court of archon (not connected to any archon, so only their poison is 2+)
1 may have shard carbine +7pts
for every 10 in unit, 1 may have splinter cannon for +12pts
one may be upgraded to a priestess of Lhamaea for 15pts, the preistess has +1 ld and attack, and makes rending 2+ posion attacks.
may take a venom or raider as dedicated transport

since the profile is same as warrior, that was used as format for unit. Weapons are limited to poison., Moved to elites and made 0-1 to show rarity and prevent them taking objectives, they are working toward there own hidden goals not the real space raids after all. Some thing along lines of them showing up at staging area and saying "our path would brings us to the vicinity of your raid, if you can spare transport our poisons may lend aid to your kabal for a time... " Then they wander off in middle of battle, perform some ritual and return to extraction point after missing half the raid.

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Sisterhood of Lhilitu
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